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Online Events in 2010.


Several events were held online.


Main article: 2010 Event Themes


Bel Tine 2010

Main article: Bel Tine 2010

Bel Tine took place between between March 19 - 26.

Activities included:

  • WoT Character Roast - Rand & Nynaeve
  • Bonfire chat event
  • Give a friend a flower - there was a selection of flowers you could send to your friends, either through the OE Team or you could do it yourself.
  • Dear Narg
  • Egg Hunt

Feast of Lights 2010

Main article: Feast of Lights 2010

Feast of Lights took place between December 23, 2010, and January 3, 2011.

Activities included:

  • Acknowledge your Lights of Tar Valon:
  • A Snow Ball Chat Event
  • Various puzzles
  • A scavenger hunt
  • Writing the story about Narg and the Fairy's Feast of Lights

Project Gaidin

Main article: Project Gaidin

This event was not run by the Online Events team.

Project Gaidin was a competition for the male Junior Members and an entertaining show for many other members. It took place between October 2010 and March 2011, and the winner was announced at 10th Anni.

The concept was that every week the participants met two challenges that were tied to one of the membership groups. The first challenge was the Showdown, and the winner there got some kind of advantage in the next challenge, the Deatch Match. After the Deatch Match the judges chose the one who had done the weakest performance and that person had to leave the competition. Every week there also was a commentary thread for the audience to talk in, with confessionals, fangirl squees, bettings and polls.

Seanchan Invasion

A mock Seanchan Invasion was run on the forums.

Shaoman 2010

Main article: Shaoman 2010

Shaoman took place between October 22 - 30.

Activities included:

  • A masquerade match-up where you got new clues every day and should try to find your masquerade partner.
  • A masquerade chat event where no one had their usual nicks and you should try to find out who the others were.
  • A prank contest for the Junior Members.
  • Asking the Faire Ground Fairy to send a trick or a treat to your friends.
  • Wheel of Time Word Search, Wheel of Time Curses Word Scramble and other similar puzzles.
  • A choose your own adventure story, where a poll determined how the story would develop.

Sunday 2010

Main article: Sunday 2010

Sunday took place between June 18 - 26.


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