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Author: Ilissa al'Nari


Selanda Darengil is a minor Cairhienin noble and a leader of Cha Faile.

As is typical for the people of Cairhien, she is short (TPoD, Ch. 8) and pale-faced, with dark eyes and dark hair. The first time we meet her she has her hair long and put up in the Cairhienin style, making her at least a foot taller (TFoH, Ch. 51), but as she becomes more and more fascinated by the Aiel she wears her hair like the Maidens: cut short except for a tail tied with a ribbon at the nape of her neck (TPoD, Ch. 8). Faile thinks of her as diminutive (TPoD, Ch. 8) while Perrin uses the word slender (WH, Ch. 6).

She pretends to be as comfortable changing her clothes in front of men as she thinks the Maidens are, but her facial expression and hurried breath show that she's not. Faile thinks of her as brightest, quickest and steadiest of the Cha Faile, even if she wants a scar like the ones some of the Maidens have. She is concise in her reports (TPoD, Ch. 8). Despite being a minor Cairhienin noble, with only six slashes of color in her bodice/coat (LoC, Ch. 19), she has full control of Cha Faile even though some of the others are from major Cairhienin houses (WH, Ch. 6).


  • After Rand has taken control over Cairhien, Selande Darengil is made to approach him in a scheme of Colavaere Saighan's, because she is Colavaere's retainer. Rand understands what the reason for Selande's interest is and scares her away by pretending to be affected by the madness afflicting men who can channel (TFoH, Ch. 51).
  • Selande, like other young Cairhienin nobles, rebels against the ban on dueling that Rhuarc has made in Cairhien. As punishment she is submitted to part of the process of being made gai'shain: sitting a day naked in the sun under guard. Afterwards, she boasts of the experience to another woman who has also adopted some of the Aiel customs - or at least what they believe are Aiel customs (LoC, Ch. 50).
  • When Rand returns from his captivity with the sisters sent by Elaida, Selande and some other minor nobles belonging to the "societies" of young nobles pretending to be Aiel meets him and leads him into the Grand Hall (ACoS, Ch. 4). They have all started dressing like Aiel; the men as well as the women wear snug-fitting breeches and men's coats. They also wear swords buckled around their hips. Selande and some of the others follow Perrin and Faile back to their room after the meeting in the Grand Hall, and do not leave until Faile tells them to obey her husband (ACoS, Ch. 5).
  • Together with two dozen others, she follows Perrin and Faile when they leave Cairhien to go to Ghealdan. Faile has taken them into her and Perrin's service (LoC, Ch. 27). Faile uses Selande and the others as spies. Near the town of Bethal, Selande reports in some news in the middle of the night and is shocked when she receives the new ones. She does not object, however (TPoD, Ch. 8).
  • After Faile is taken by the Shaido, Selande and her companions' horses are taken away. They go to Perrin to demand them back but end up promising to obey him until Faile has returned (WH, Ch. 6). Selande continues to spy, now for Perrin, and brings back news about Masema's meetings with Masuri and Annoura just outside of Brytan, a small village (CoT, Ch. 5). During the two weeks or so that have passed since Faile was kidnapped, she has begun to respect Perrin and his leadership (CoT, Ch. 8).
  • Faile has Selande visit the Whitecloaks to spy on them. She wears a dress to do so, which she takes off in favor of sword and breeches as soon as she returns (ToM, Ch. 30).
  • Faile thinks she has begun to look comfortable with her sword (ToM, Ch. 30).
  • She is last seen hauled into the air as the group are attacked by Aiel in red viels (AMoL, Ch. 37)


She flirts with Rand on Colavaere Saighan's orders right after he has taken over control in Cairhien (TFoH, Ch. 51), but is a bit jealous of the relationship Min has with him as well (ACoS, Ch. 4).

She is the leader of Cha Faile - after Faile herself, of course - and has a firm grip on its members (TPoD, Ch. 8). She is sworn to Faile by water oath (WH, Ch. 6) but gradually extends the same to Perrin as well (CoT, Ch. 5).


"I know a secluded pool where this heat may be escaped. A sheltered pool, where nothing would disturb us." (To Rand; The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 51)

"We are not important enough to attend. Besides, I think we of the societies make her uneasy." (To Rand about Colavaere; A Crown of Swords, Chapter 4)

"They let some fellows ahead of us drive their wagons through without a second look, but they were worried about letting women go out into the night." (To Faile; The Path of Daggers, Chapter 8)

"We would die for the Lady Faile!" (Winter's Heart, Chapter 6)

"Grace favor you, my Lord. If I may be so bold, Grace has favored the Lady Faile in you." (To Perrin; Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 5)