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Authors: Adriana al'Tere, Elyna al'Tzoran, Val a'Shain

TarValon.Net publishes an annual report each year to summarise the progress of the Tower that year

2001 and 2002

Annual Report April 2003;

Editors: Val a'Shain and Elyna al'Tzoran
HTML: Arelwen al'Nedea

Covers the first two years of activity up to April 2003


Annual Report June 2004;

Editor: Val a'Shain
HTML: Nadine Andara

The first annual report covers a period from April to March. This was done because the 'birth' of the Tower was sometime in spring 2001. At the Admin meeting held in July 2004 it was decided to change to calendar years. So as not to leave a gap in reporting the next annual reports covers the whole of 2004. It has some overlap with the previous report.


Annual Report December 2004

Editor: Adriana al'Tere
HTML: Atarah al'Norahn

Covers all of 2004


Annual Report April 2006; PDF Format

Editor: Adriana al'Tere
HTML: Atarah al'Norahn

Covers the year 2005 and up to April 2006, depending on the Department


2007 Annual Report; PDF Format

Editor: Sela Narian and Dralyn Montsier
HTML: Atarah al'Norahn

Covers the year 2007


2008 Annual Report; PDF Format

Compiled and edited by Anne Vanolli

With Assistance from Jessica Beaushene and Nissa Reichenbach

Covers the year 2008


Annual Report December 2009; PDF format

Editor: Simone Drake

Covers the Year 2009


Annual Report December 2010; PDF Format

Editor: Anne Vanolli

Covers the year 2010


2011 Annual Report; PDF format

Covers the year 2011


2012 Annual Report PDF format.

Covers the year 2012


2013 Annual Report PDF format.


Main article: 2014 Annual Report
2014 Annual Report PDF format.

Released April 2015, covers the year 2014


Main article: 2015 Annual Report
2015 Annual Report PDf format.

Released May 2016, covers the year 2015


Main article: 2016 Annual Report
2016 Annual Report PDf format.

Released August 2017, covers the year 2016


Main article: 2017 Annual Report
2017 Annual Report PDf format.

Released August 2018, covers the year 2017