Knife of Dreams: Chapter 30

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Outside the Gate

Chapter Icon: Spear and Shield

Points of view: Faile, Perrin, Galina


Aram tries to kill Perrin after being deceived by Masema tellng him Perrin is Shadowspawn but is stopped when two Shaido arrows kill him. Perrin sees Faile, Rolan and the rest of their company and kills the Aiel. Sevanna is captured by the Seanchan. Galina is captured by Therava and some Aiel survivors when they are heading back to the Waste.


Faile's Point of View:

Setting: Malden

Characters: Faile, Rolan, Kinhuin, Maighdin, Arrela, Lacile, Alliandre, Aravine, Aldin

After clearing the rubble, Rolan tells Faile to give him her hand. She says only after her companions have been taken, but he tells her no one will be taken out before her. Alliandre tells her to go. Once out, she sees the lightning and is puzzled. Aravine tells her a battle started when the lightnings did. The others follow one by one, after which Maighdin collapses. Faile asks Aldin to carry her while Rolan takes them to a place of safety

Perrin's Point of View:

Setting: Malden

Characters: Perrin, Aram, Faile, Rolan, Lacile, Arrela, Alliandre, Maighdin, Tylee, Sevanna

Perrin and Aram fight the Shaido. A glimmer to Perrin’s left attracts his attention and he leaps away, just in time to stop Aram's sword from taking his head off. Aram tells him that the Prophet has explained that Perrin is Shadowspawn and that he needs to rescue Faile from him. Perrin trips, but before Aram can finish him, two Shaido arrows take him in the back, killing him. He turns a corner to see Faile and Rolan and rushes. Faile calls his name and Rolan hesitates, allowing Perrin to kill him. A second Aiel comes forward to take his place but is slain by Lacile. He tells Faile that someone should go to the fortress to let Ban and Seonid know they can come out. She sends Theril, who brings Ban, Seonid and a group of Cha Faile. Kirklin runs off to find Masuri, and Gaul to find Chiad, with Elyas. Tallanvor takes Maighdin. Seonid overhears Galina's name and Faile explains what she has done. Seonid says Galina will have to be tried.

Perrin realises the explosions have stopped and he heads off to try and find out what is happening, where he encounters Tylee who tells him that most of Masema's men are dead and that over two hundred damane have been taken. She says she expects there are less than a hundred casualties other than Masema's men. He asks her who her prisoner is, but Faile replies, telling him it is Sevanna. He introduces Faile and Tylee, and her bow makes him think of the Broken Crown, which makes him think that when they discuss it, he might not struggle to raise his voice. He tells Tylee who Alliandre is and that Ghealdan is under his protection and that the Seanchan can't have it. Tylee tells him she would be honoured if he would call her "Tylee" and they shake hands.

Galina's Point of View:

Setting: Outside Malden

Characters: Galina, Therava, Modarra

Galina is changing in the forest when she hears Therava call out to her, telling her not to scream. She is told to hand the rod over and Therava tells her she is forbidden to ride ever again. Therava tells her they are returning to the three-fold land and that they will rebuild the Shaido. Modarra protests, but Therava insists. She tells Galina never to touch the rod again and never to try and escape. They load her up and set off to the Waste.

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