2018 Annual Report

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The 2018 Annual Report was published in August 2019

A PDF format is available.

A wiki format report is under preparation



413 Graycroft Drive, Huntsville, AL 35815

2018 Annual Report

TarValon.Net, Inc.

Property of TarValon.Net, Incorporated (hereafter referred to as TV.Net)

Compiled and edited by Erin DiSimone

With Assistance from Ashley Morgan

State of the Tower: Amyrlin/CEO Welcome

TarValon.Net had a bit of a quieter year in 2018. We did not have huge changes, but we kept plugging away at what we have been doing, and making improvements where we could. New leaders stepped into a few Director positions.

For Anni, we went to an altogether new location for the Tower: Idaho. Lireina Dormerus t'al`Bearach found a former college for rent, and we invaded the small town. Somehow, Jeffan managed to rope me into his glitter shenanigans, and there was glitter everywhere. Everywhere. Despite me coming out in a poncho and double umbrellas, I had glitter everywhere. I guess I was happy to do it, if the community was willing to donate money to see it.

Once again, it was my honor to award the Amyrlin Awards this year. Wil Cambrae was awarded the Philanthropist of the Year. Over his many years of membership, Wil has been very generous with his time, money, and service. The Unsung Servant award went to Elanda Tonil; she does so much work behind the scenes in the White Ajah, and I wanted the membership to know how hard she works. Volunteer of the Year was Jeffan Caliarthan, for his work with the social media team, his work as Entertainment Committee Head at two Annis in a row, and his glitter shenanigans fundraiser. Finally, Kelgan al'Moranwin was Member of the Year, for his dedicated service as Director of Moderators and Operators. In the upcoming year, I want to fine tune some of our processes, and be sure everything is running as smoothly as possible. I want to continue interacting with each group as much as I can, so I have a reminder of why I continue to serve as Amyrlin.

Yours in the Light
Rhed al’Tere
The Watcher of the Seals
The Flame of TarValon.Net
The Amyrlin Seat

Statement from the Board of Directors

This was a calm year for our Board of Directors and the management structure of the organization. Joe Pistritto served as Chairman through 2018. Other members of the Board include Jim Beattie, Crystal Dumonceaux, Amanda Keen, and our first Amyrlin, Melissa Craib Dombrowski. Our annual Board Meeting occurred at Anni in Gooding, Idaho. On the Officer front, this has been a very stable year for TV.Net. All of our Officers completed the full year serving in their respective roles. We thank all of them for their service. We look forward to 2019 and all it will bring for TarValon.Net and its members.

Joe Pistritto, Chairman TarValon.Net Board of Directors