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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Caembarin: A nation that existed during the Free Era. It was located in what is now known as eastern Andor.

Caemlyn Gate: The northern exit of Far Madding, where the road to Caemlyn exits

Caemlyn Road: A road that runs east from Baerlon to Caemlyn.

Caemlyn: The capital city of Andor. To the west lies Four Kings, to the north are Braem Wood and Tar Valon, to the south is Far Madding, and to the east is Aringill. It is composed of the Inner City, and the New City. Caemlyn is the seat of power of the Queens of Andor.

Cairhien (City): The capital city of Cairhien. It is located to the east of the River Alguenya. It is the home of the Sun Palace.

Cairhien (Nation): A country located in the east-central region of the Westlands. To the northwest is Tar Valon, and to the southwest is Caemlyn. The Spine of the World is located to the east, while to the west is the Caralain Grass. Cairhien is ruled by Elayne Trakand

Calpene Peninsula: One of three penninusulas jutting into the bay at Tanchico and the one nearest the sea.

Camron Caan: A city in Shienar. It is also a fortress.

Can Breat, the: "By the time the nations even think of uniting, it will be too late. They'll accept my peace, or I'll be buried in the Can Breat." (Rand, the Fires of Heaven, Chapter 2.) It is most likely that the Can Breat existed during the Age of Legends, as there is nowhere that Rand could have learned it's name except from Lews Therin.

Canaire'somelle: A city located in Jaramide, during the Compact of Ten Nations.

Candle Street: A street in the New City in Caemlyn

Canluum: A town in Kandor, located to the south of Cachin. Canluum is ruled by Lord Varan Marcasiev.

Cantoine, Stedding: An Ogier Stedding that is located near the River Iralell, north of Haddon Mirk.

Cantorin: An island belonging to the Sea Folk. It is part of the group of islands known as Aile Somera.

Caralain Grass: A region located south of the Black Hills and north of Andor. It is mostly uninhabited.

Caralain: A nation that was formed after the War of the Hundred Years, and which disappeared sometime around 500 NE. Caralain Grass now covers this area.

Carmera: A place, likely a city near where Jaichim Carridin's family live.

Carter's Gate: A gate in Fal Dara's keep.

Cary, River: A river that passes through the town of Carysford, Andor.

Carysford: A village in Andor. It lies next to the River Cary.

Chachin: The Capital city of Kandor, located in the mountains. It is Queen Ethenielle's seat of power.

Chaendaer: A mountain in the Aiel Waste. It is located above Rhuidean.

Chain Ridge Stand: A waterhole located in the Aiel Waste.

Chamber of Bonds: The central room of the Tower of Ghenjei where the Finn are forced to deal

Chamber of Falling Blossoms: A room in the three plum court inn

Chandar, Stedding: An Ogier stedding that was consumed by the Blight 968 years ago.

Chanti, Stedding: An Ogier stedding located in the Spine of the World.

Chelsaine Palace: A small palace in Ebou Dar with only two slim spires and a single pear-shaped dome banded in red

Chiantal, Stedding: An Ogier stedding located in Kandor.

Chinden, Stedding: An Ogier stedding located in the Mountains of Mist.

Chisen Mountains: A mountain range in Andor

Choedan Kal: Two huge sa'angreal, one attuned to saidar and one attuned to saidin that were constructed during the War of the Shadow to be used against the forces of the Dark One.

Chosium, Stedding: An Ogier stedding located in Saldaea.

Circuit of Heaven: A racing track just north of Ebou Dar with long, open-ended tiers of polished stone seats

City of Ten Thousand Bells:

Cliffs of Dawn: A range of cliffs that separate the Aiel Waste from Shara.

Co'dansin: Another name for Shara.

Cold Rocks Hold: A hold in the Aiel Waste belonging to the Taardad Aiel. It is their clan hold. It's Roofmistress is Lian.

Cole Pass: A historical location. Hawkwing suffered a rout in Cole Pass. Nothing else is known.

Collam Daan: A university that was located in the city of V'saine, before the Breaking of the World.

Colrada Hold: A hold in the Aiel Waste.

Comarda Hold: A hold in the Aiel Waste belonging to the Shaido. It is their clan hold.

Comelle: A city before the Breaking of the World. It is noted to have been a great city, and was the third largest in the world.

Condaris: A city located in Aelgar, during the Compact of Ten Nations.

Coramen: A town located in Altara. It lies along the west bank of the River Eldar. It is connected to the town of Alkindar by a ferry that crosses the Eldar.

Corartheren: A city located in Manetheren, during the Compact of Ten Nations.

Cordamora Palace: The seat of the Saldaean ruler in Maradon. It was damaged in a trolloc attack.

Cordese Hills: A small range of hills. They are located west of Ebou Dar, Altara.

Coremanda: One of the countries of the Compact of Ten Nations. It was located in the place now known as eastern Andor.~~Capital city:Shaemal. ~~Other sites:Braem, Hai Caemlyn, Nailine Samfara.

Cormaed: A village located in Altara, near the River Eldar.

Coron Ford: A town, city or region in Arad Doman

Cosamelle: A town located in Ghealdan.

Council Hall, The: A building in Maradon destroyed when Shadowspawn beseiged the city

Counsel's Head, the: An inn in Far Madding

Court of the Nine Moons: Located in Seandar, Seanchan. It is from the Court of the Nine Moons that the Empress rules.

Crown and Lion, the: An inn in Caemlyn

Crown of Maredo, the: A modest inn in Far Madding

Crown of Roses, the: An inn in the New City in Caemlyn

Cuaindaigh Fords: A historical battle site.

Cuallin Dhen: The site of a battle that took place seven hundred years previously. At Cuallin Dhen, Queen Modrellein of Andor rallied the Andoran troops to defeat a Tairen army.

Cuebiyarsande: A city located in Aramaelle, during the Compact of Ten Nations.

Culain's Hound, the: An inn in Caemlyn

Culan Cuhan: A place that existed during the War of Power. "Sammael. I remember when he was first named Destroyer of Hope. After he betrayed the Gates of Hevan, and carried the Shadow down into the Rorn M'doi and the heart of Satelle. Hope did seem to die that day. Culan Cuhan wept." (Rand to Asmodean, The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 44.)

Cullen's Crossing: A village in Andor. It is located ten miles from Caemlyn.

Cumbar Hills: A range of hills located southwest of Lugard, Murandy.

Cyrendemar'naille: A city located in Aridhol, during the Compact of Ten Nations