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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Rampore: The eleventh largest city in Seanchan.

Ravinda: A town in Kandor. It is located between Cachin and Canluum.

Red Bull, the: An inn in Caemlyn

Red Springs Hold: A hold in the Aiel waste belonging to the Codarra Aiel. It is their clan hold. It's clan chief is Indirian.

Reisendrelle, River: A river that runs south through Murandy, before emptying into the Manetherendrelle.

Remara, Bay of: see - Bay of Remara.

Remen: A village located in northeastern region of Altara. It lies near where the Lugard river crosses the Manetherendrelle.

Rena Tower: The northernmost of the Kandori Border Towers

Reshalle, River: A river in northern Altara that passes through the village of King's Crossing.

Retash: An island that not even the Sea Folk visit often

Rhahime Naille: A city located in Aramaelle, during the Compact of Ten Nations.

Rhamdashar: A nation that existed during the Free Era. It was located in what is now known as Arafel and Shienar.

Rhiannon Hills: A range of hills located in Altara, east of Ebou Dar.

Rhuidean: The only city in the Aiel Waste. It is the location of the legendary tree, Avendesora. Rhuidean is where the Aiel who wish to become clan chiefs or Wise Ones must go to learn about the history of the Aiel.

River Gate, the: An inn in Maerone.

Riverman, the: An inn in Aringill.

River Road: A roadway that runs along the River Erinin towards Tear.

Roemalle: A nation that existed during the Free Era. It was located in around what is now known as the Black Hills.

Rorn M'doi: A place that existed during the Shadow. "Sammael. I remember when he was first named Destroyer of Hope. After he betrayed the Gates of Hevan, and carried the Shadow down into the Rorn M'doi and the heart of Satelle. Hope did seem to die that day. Culan Cuhan wept." (Rand to Asmodean, The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 44.)

Rose of the Eldar, the: A cheap tavern in Ebou Dar

Rose March: A garden in the grounds of the Royal Palace in Caemlyn

Royal Inn, the: One of four inns in Four Kings.

Royal Palace: The Ogier built home of the queen of Andor

Ruffled Goose, the: An inn in Chachin

Runnien Crossing: A town in Altara