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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Wagon Bridge: A bridge in Emonds Field marking where the North Road becomes the Old Road

Wagon Seat, the: A red roofed in in Lugard

Wagoner's Whip, the: A stone in in Maerone

Wandering Woman, the: An inn in Ebou Dar run by Setalle Anan until the Seanchan invasion

Watch Hill: A town in Andor, located in the Two Rivers. To the north is Taren Ferry, to the south is Emond's field, and to the west are the Sand Hills and the Mountains of Mist.

Waterless Sands, the: see - Termool, the.

Waterwood, the: An area in the Two Rivers. The Winespring Water leads to it, and it connects to the boggy area known as the Mire. It is located east of Emond's Field.

Wayfarers' Rest, the: A dirty inn in Whitebridge

Wayland's Forge, the: An inn in Remen.

Weesin: A village located in Altara. It lies along the Great North Road.

Wenchen, Stedding: An Ogier stedding located north of River Dhagon.

Westpoint Lighttower Westlands: Term for the lands between the Spine of the World and the Aryth Ocean

Westwood, the: A forest that is west of Emond's Field, and just east of the Sand Hills in the Two Rivers, Andor.

White Boar, the: The inn in Watch Hill

White Crescent, the: An inn in Tear

White Ring, the: An inn in Maderin

White Swan, the: An inn in Forel Market, Andor

White River: aka. Manetherendrelle.

White Tower: A bone white Tower about a hundred spans tall, the seat of Aes Sedai poer

Whitebridge: A town located in Andor. It lies along the Arinelle River. To the east is Arien.

Whitebridge Gate (Baerlon): A gate in Baerlon

Whitebridge Gate (Caemlyn): A gate in Caemlyn leading into the New City

Willar: A village located in Ghealdan.

Wild Boar, the: An inn in Andor on the way to Caemlyn

Windbiter's Finger: An area of land jutting out from the Shadow Coast

Wind's Favor, the: an inn in Bandar Eban, near the city docks

Winespring Inn, the: The inn in Emonds Field before the construction of the Archers

Winespring Water, the: A small river leading from Emond's Field to the Waterwood and the Mire in the Two Rivers, Andor.

Winter Blossom:

Woman of Tanchico, the: An inn in Tar Valon

World's End: A range of cliffs that line the Aryth Ocean. They lie north of Arad Doman.

World Sea: An ocean in the Age of Legends