Location Glossary P

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Paaran Disen: A city before the Breaking of the World. It was the greatest city of the Age of Legends. Paaran Disen was the location of the Hall of Servants, and is where Lews Therin Telamon defeated Ishamael.

Paerish Swar: aka. The Dark Wood. A forest that is located between the Mountains of Mist and Almoth Plain.

Paral: One of the major cities before the Breaking of the World.

Panarch's Circle: A tall round wall of white stone on the Verana in Tanchico which functions as an entertainment venue

Panarch's Palace: The home of the Panarch in Tanchico on the Verana Peninsular

Pearman's Lane: A street in Andor

Plain of Lances: A plain in the Borderlands that stretches across Saldaea and Kandor

Plowman's Blade, the: An inn in Manala, Kandor

Plum Gate: The southeastern entrance to the Andoran Royal Palace.

Polov Heights:

Proska Flats: A rocky area of northern Saldaea

Pujili: A region in Seanchan