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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Gaelin, River: A river that begins in the Spine of the World. It flows west, past Kinslayer's Dagger, and joins the River Alguenya north of Cairhien.

Gaean River: A stream, flowing through the town of Bellon in Amadicia.

Gahaur: A region in Saldaea.

Ganai: A region in Saldaea.

Garden of Silver Breezes, the

Garen's Wall: A large cliff that is located to the north and east of Ghealdan. It forms the northeastern border.

Gates of Hevan, the: A place that existed during the Age of Legends. "Sammael. I remember when he was first named Destroyer of Hope. After he betrayed the Gates of Hevan, and carried the Shadow down into the Rorn M'doi and the heart of Satelle. Hope did seem to die that day. Culan Cuhan wept."

Ghealdan: A country that is located in the southwestern region of the Westlands. To the west are the Mountains of Mist, to the south are Amadicia and Altara, and to the north and east is Garen's Wall. The capital city is Jehannah. The current ruler of Ghealdan is Queen Alliandre.

Glancor: A village that lies at the foot of one of Far Madding's bridges. It is connected to Far Madding by the Caemlyn Gate and the Ajalon Bridge.

Goaban: A nation that was formed after the War of the Hundred Years, and which disappeared sometime around 500 NE. It was located in the central part of the continent.

Godan: A town located in the southeast of Tear. It lies on the coast of the Bay of Remara.

Goim Bridge: The bridge out of Far Madding through the Tear Gate

Gold Road: A roadway that leads from Illian to Far Madding.

Golden Barge, the: A prosperous looking inn in So Habor, three stories of neatly dressed gray stone under a slate roof.

Golden Crown of Heaven, the: An Inn in the Rahad in Ebou Dar, marked only by a blue door.

Golden Cup, the: An inn in Tear

Golden Ducks, the: An inn in Ebou Dar

Golden Head, the: An inn in Amador

Golden Sheaves, the: An inn in Damelien.

Golden Stag, the: The second best inn in Maerone.

Golden Swans of Heaven, the: A small inn in Ebou Dar.

Golden Wheel, the: an inn in Far Madding, just off the Avharin Market

Good Night's Ride, the: A gray, three storey, purple-roofed inn in Lugard.

Good Queen, the: An inn in Aringill

Good Queen's Justice, the: An inn in Kore Springs in Andor

Goose and Crown, the: An inn in Andor, run by a darkfriend

Goose and Pipe, the: The inn in Devon Ride

Grafendale: A village that lis layed out much like the Black Toer

Grand Hike, The: An inn in Caemlyn

Great Arvalon: A nation in the Fourth Age

Great Blackwood: A large, uninhabited trackless forest, sometimes known as the Forest of Shadows, just south of the Two Rivers and the Manetherendrelle,

Great Circle: A huge walled gathering place for thousands to watch horse races or displays of fireworks by the Illuminators close to Tanchico.

Great Gathering:

Great North Road: The the road north of Ebou Dar, through the Dal Eira Gate,

Great Rift, the: A range of mountains that separates the Aiel Waste from Shara. They line the southern part of the eastern border of the Aiel Waste.

Great Tree, the: A tall stone inn in Cairhien

Greeting Hall, the: An inn in Caemlyn

Gull's Feast: A district in Bandar Eban