Location Glossary I

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Ikane Bridge: The bridge out of Far Madding through the Illian Gate

Ijaz Mountains: A mountain range in Seanchan

Ileande: A nation that existed during the Free Era. It was located in what is now northeast of Tar Valon, just southwest of what was once Hamarea.

Illian (City): The capital city of the nation of Illian.

Illian (Nation): A country located in the south-central region of the Westlands. To the east is Tear, and to the west lies Altara. Murandy is located to the north, with the Plains of Maredo, and then Far Madding, to the northeast. Capital city: Illian.

Illian Gate: One of the southern bridges out of Far Madding

Ionin Spring Inn, the: An inn that Egwene passes as she travels through Tel'aran'rhiod after being summoned to Salidar.

Iman: The capital city of Safer, during the Compact of Ten Nations. It was located in the place now known as Katar, Arad Doman. There was a Waygate here.

Imfaral: The seventh largest city in Seanchan. It is located in the north central region of Seanchan.

Imre Stand: A waterhole located in the Aiel Waste. It lies in the territory of the Taardad Aiel.

Indrahar: A nation that existed during the Free Era. It was located in what is now southeast of Saldaea.

Inishlinn: A city located in Murandy.

Ionin Spring: A village located in Altara.

Iralell, River: A river that flows west from the Spine of the World, before joining with the Erinin.

Irenvelle: A nation that was formed after the War of the Hundred Years, and which disappeared many years ago.

Irinjavar: A town located in Saldaea. Irinjavar was the site of Mazrim Taim's capture.

Isle of the Madmen: A large island located across the equator from the main continent, near the Southern Icecap. It is the home of both female and male channelers, both of whom channel freely. It is said that the people who live there never recovered from the Breaking of the World.

Ivo, River: A river that runs west from the Black Hills, before joining with the River Arinelle.