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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Lahpoint Hills: The site of a battle during the Buchaner Rebellion.

Lake Somal: A town, city or region in Arad Doman no other details are known.

Land of the Madmen, the: see - Isle of the Madmen.

Lantoine, Stedding: An Ogier stedding located in the Spine of the World.

Larapelle: The site of a battle during the Trolloc Wars. Rashima Kerenmosa, Amyrlin of the White Tower, won a battle here.

Leitang, Stedding: An Ogier stedding located north of River Ivo.

Lesser Blight, the: The name that the Seanchan have given to the Blight located on the north of their continent. It is less dangerous than the Blight on the main continent.

L'Heye, Sea of: see - Sea of L'Heye.

Light of Truth, the: One of two inns in Sienda.

Londaren Cor: The capital city of Eharon, during the Compact of Ten Nations. There was a Waygate here.

Long Man, the: An inn in Cairhien not far from the Dragonwall Gate.

Luan, River: A river that runs east from the Black Hills, before joining the Erinin south of Tar Valon.

Luagde: A village that lies at the foot of one of the eastern bridges leading to Tar Valon.

Lugard: The capital city of Murandy. It lies where the River Reisendrelle joins the River Storn.

Lugard Road: A roadway that runs from Caemlyn to Lugard.