Location Glossary Q

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Qichen, Stedding: An Ogier stedding located in the Spine of the World. It is one of the two northernmost stedding located in the Spine of the World.

Qirat: The sixth largest city in Seanchan.

Quaim: One of the Sea Folk Isles

Quarry Road, the: A road in Andor that leads west, from Emond's Field to the Sand Hills.

Queen's Blessing, the: An inn in Caemlyn run by Basel Gill until he abandoned it to follow Morgase

Queen's Glory in Radiance, the: A filthy Inn in Ebou Dar

Queen's Lance, the: An inn in Kayacun popular with merchants

Queen's Man, the: An inn on the Caemlyn Road in Andor

Queen's Walk: A street in Caemlyn