Location Glossary B

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Baerlon: A town located in western Andor. To the farther west are the Mountains of Mist, to the south is Taren Ferry and the Taren River, and to the southeast is Whitebridge. Baerlon is primarily a mining town.

Balasun: A nation that existed during the Free Era. It was located in what is know known as Tarabon.

Ball and Hoop, the: An inn in Caemlyn where Zaida takes rooms

Bandar Eban: The capital city of Arad Doman. It is located at the mouth of the River Dhagon, on the Aryth Ocean.

Banikhan Mountains: A mountain range on the western coast of Saldaea

Barashta: A city in Eharon, during the Compact of Ten Nations. It was located in the place now known as Ebou Dar. There was a Waygate here.

Barklan Tower: One of the border towers in Kandor

Barsabba: A city, town or region in Seanchan. It is ruled by the High Lady Suroth.

Barsalla Palace: A palace in Far Madding owned by Aleis Barsalla.

Barsine: A city located in Jaramide, during the Compact of Ten Nations.

Basharande: A nation that existed during the Free Era. It was located in what is now known as Saldaea.

Bashere: A region in Saldaea.

Bay of Remara: A large bay located in the southern region of the Westlands. It lies at the end of the Spine of the World, with the Drowned Lands to the east.

Bay Road: A road in Altara, leading from the Westpoint LightTower into Ebou Dar, via the Moldine Gate along the easter side of the bay.

Bellon Ford Inn, the: An inn in Bellon

Bellon: A town in Amadicia. It is located twenty miles east of Amador, near the Gaean River.

Bent Valley Hold: A hold in the Aiel Waste belonging to the Haido sept of the Taardad Aiel.

Berndt Crossroads: A crossroads in Saldaea close to the border with Kandor.

Bethal: A town located in Ghealdan.

Black Hills, The: A range of hills located between Caralain Grass and the Borderlands. There is a village named Denhuir in the Black Hills.

Black Tower: A piece of land located in Andor, near Caemlyn. It is the headquarters of men who can channel.

Blasted Lands, the: The desolated region surrounding Shayol Ghul.

Blight, the: The Dark One's realm, located in the far north of the continent.

Blind Pig, the: An Inn in Chachin, visited by Moiraine when she was looking for Siuan.

Blinder's Peak: A mountain northeast of the Damona mountains

Blood Springs:

Blue Bull, the: An inn in Samara.

Blue Carp Street: A street in Far Madding just above the Illian Road

Blue Cat, the: An inn in Tar Valon built by Ogier to resemble a large blue cat curled up to sleep.

Blue Reception Room: A room in the royal palace in Andoir

Blue Rose, the: An inn in Canluum.

Boannda: A town in Ghealdan. It is located where the River Boern joins the Eldar.

Boern, River: A river that flows through Ghealdan.

Borderlands: The nations that border the Blight

Braem: A city located in Coremanda, during the Compact of Ten Nations. It was located in the place now know as New Braem. There was a Waygate here.

Braem Wood: A forest located north of Caemlyn, in Andor.

Breen's Spring: A village located in the west of Andor.

Bridge of Flowers,: A bridge to the Perfumed Quarter in Illian

Bridge of Sunrise: A bridge in Chachin

Broken Lands: An alternate to Firchon Pass for travel between Arafel and Kandor

Brytan: A village located in northwestern Altara.

Bunch of Grapes, the: An inn in the Foregate in Cairhien

Buryhill: A village located in Andor.