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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Tsodrelle' Aman: The name given by the Aiel to the lake Rand caused to rise next to Rhuidean

Taien: A town in Cairhien. It is located at the eastern end of the Jangai Pass, in the Spine of the World. It is attacked by the Shaido.

Taijing, Stedding: An Ogier stedding located in the Spine of the World. It is located east of Stedding Cantoine.

Taishin, Stedding: An Ogier stedding located north of River Ivo.

Takedo: A place in Farashelle with a court

Takisrom: A port in Seanchan

Talidar: The site of Artur Hawkwing's final victory over the Trolloc army. The battle took place in FY 987. It is located between Shienar and Kinslayer's Dagger.

Tallan: A village located in Ghealdan.

Talmour: A nation that existed during the Free Era. It was located in the south of the main continent, near the spine of the World, in around what is now known as Haddon Mirk.

Tanchico: The capital city of Tarabon. It is located near the Aryth Ocean, and was built on three hilly peninsulas.

Tanhal, Stedding: An Ogier stedding located in Arafel.

Tar Valon: The city in which the White Tower is located the center of Aes Sedai power. The island of Tar Valon is located on the River Erinin. there are six bridges leading to six small villages.

Tar Valon Road: A roadway that runs from Cairhien to Tar Valon.

Tarabon: A country that is located on the west coast of the Westlands. To the west is the Aryth Ocean, to the east is Ghealdan, to the southeast is Amadicia, and to the north is Almoth Plain. Tarabon is under the control of the Seanchan.

Tarasin Palace: A palace in Ebou Dar and the site of the Altaran royal household

Taren Ferry: A town in Andor, located in the Two Rivers. It lies along the Taren River. To the north is Baerlon, and to the west are Watch Hill, the Sand Hills, and the Mountains of Mist.

Taren, River: aka. Tarendrelle. A river that runs through the village of Taren Ferry.

Tarlomen's Gate: The south entrance to the White Tower

Tarmandewin: A historical place. Mat remembers dancing in the court of Tarmandewin.

Tarwin's Gap: A pass in the Spine of the World. It is the boundary between the Spine of the World and the Mountains of Dhoom.

Tear Gate: One of the southern exits to Far Madding leading to the Goim Bridge

(1) Tear: A country located in the southeast region of the Westlands. To the east is the Spine of the World, to the south is the Sea of Storms, to the north is Haddon Mirk, and to the west are the Plains of Maredo. The king is Darlin Sisnera

Tel Norwin: The site of a battle during the Trolloc Wars. It is one of the battles that Rashima Kerenmosa, Amyrlin of the White Tower, won against the Trollocs.

Terhana Library: One of the Great libraries of the world, located in Bandar Eban

Termool: The southern region of the Aiel Waste. It is very dry and barren, and even the Aiel do not dare live in or travel to there.

Three-fold Land, the: The Aiel name for the Aiel Waste.

Three Ladies of Maredo, the: An inn in Far Madding near the Avharin Market

Three Moons, the: An Inn in Tear

Three Plum Blossoms, the: An inn in Falme hastily renamed after the Seanchan invasion.

Three Plum Court, the: A three story inn in Tanchico

Three Towers, the: A tavern in Maerone

Three Towers Gate: A gate in Ebou Dar, likely the entrance to the Chelsaine Palce

Tifan's Well: A village in Arafel. It is a farming community.

Tipsy Gelding, the: One of three Inns in Hinderstap

Tojar: A place, most likely a city, that existed during the Age of Legends.

Tomaka: Another name for Shara.

Toman Head: A peninsula located on the westcoast of the Westlands. Arad Doman and Tarabon both claim it as their own.

Topless Towers: Towers in Cairhien that were burnt by the Aue

Tora Harad: A historical fortress.

Tora Shan: A historical battle site.

Tova: A nation that existed during the Free Era. It was located in what is now known as Cairhien, along the Spine of the World.

Tower of Ghenjei: A shining metal tower that reaches two hundred feet into the air, and is as big around as a house. There is no entrance that can be seen. It is located approximately ten days north of Whitebridge, and lies near the Arinelle River. It is the entrance to the lands of the Eelfinn and Aelfinn.

Tower of Ravens: The imperial prison in Seanchan

Towers of Midnight: Abandoned fortifications in Seanchan

Town, the:

Traitor's Steps: A place in the Maseta peninsular in Tancihico where failed claimants to the throne may find their heads on spikes

Tremalking: An island belonging to the Sea Folk. It is the largest of the Sea Folk islands, and is located southwest of the main continent. Tremalking is the home of the Amayar, and also the resting place of one of the Choedan Kal.

Tremalking Splice, the: A tavern in Tar Valon

Tremonsien: A village located in Cairhien. The male Choedan Kal is located near here.

Trolloc Monument: A gray spire, a hundred spans high, found in one of the worlds that can be visited through a Portal Stone, commemorating the Shadow's victory over Artur Hawkwing

Tsochan, Stedding: An Ogier stedding located north of River Ivo.

Tsofan, Stedding: An Ogier stedding located in the Mountains of Mist.

Tsofu, Stedding: An Ogier stedding located in Cairhien. It is located southeast of the city of Cairhien. It was only rediscovered 600 years ago.

Tsomo Nasalle: One of the major cities before the Breaking of the World.

Tuel: A city, town or region within Seanchan. Nothing else is known.

Tunaighan Hills: A region known for its wines

Tween Forest:

Twelve Salt Wells, the: A large inn in Jurador

Twinhorn's Peak: One of the highest mountains in the Mountains of Mist

Two Apples, the: One of the better quality inns in Cemlyn

Tyr: A region in Saldaea.

Tzora: One of the great cities before the Breaking of the World. It was the smallest of the major cities, and was known for its multihued glass towers.

Tzura: The eighth largest city in Seanchan.