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Many classes are held TarValon.net's Classroom forum. There is a variety of Wheel of Time, TarValon.Net, or real life related subjects. However, sometimes a teacher cannot complete a class either due to real life issues preventing them from posting regularly or due to lack of interest in the class.

A list of the classes that were abandoned can be seen below. If you are interested in either continuing, restarting, or starting a new class with the same subject as one of the incomlpete classes, reach out to the Headteachers at classroom@tarvalon.net.


Class name Teacher Class Description Date Started
Yu-Gi-Oh Lok Sionn A fun introduction and guide to the Yu-Gi-Oh card game. April, 2021
Dungeons & Dragons - The Basics Aulrick Vendour and Miliham Rastoubel An introduction to Dungeons and Dragons, helpful for complete beginners. February, 2021


Class name Teacher Class Description Date Started
Web Design basics Ilverin Matriam A class on the basics of web design. June, 2020
Wheel of Time Cuisine Alora Sionn A class on the cuisine of the different Wheel of Time cultures. April, 2020
Meditation and Mindfulness Cattrin al'Modrah A class on meditation and mindfulness techniques. March, 2020


Class name Teacher Class Description Date Started
The Old Tongue Atarah al'Norahn If you’ve ever wanted to know the actual rules behind the language that Robert Jordan created, or to able to actively translate between English and the Old Tongue, this is the class for you. August, 2019
Bullet Journalling Cattrin al'Modrah Better organise your personal and professional life with Bullet Journalling! July, 2019


Class name Teacher Class Description Date Started
Meet Your Food Bruce al'Kay A introductory course on production agriculture, Food Safety, and Trends in American eating! September, 2018
Cemetery Studies Cattrin al'Modrah Curious to find out more about how to use cemeteries to study your genealogy, or finding out more about your local history, or maybe you've had a long standing interest in that cemetery down the street but you've never had time to explore it? This class may be for you! August, 2018
About the Aiel Leala ni al'Dareis t'al'Caleum A class on the always interesting Aiel. June, 2018
Knitting 101 Elia LePhant A class that will teach you the fundamentals of knitting and will prepare you for beginner projects. March, 2018
Team Building Miridyth Al'Landerin A class to learn how to recognize and appreciate diversity on the internet and build real and lasting friendships. January, 2018
Wiki 102 Kitan Tataru A class on wiki editing. January, 2018



Class name Teacher Class Description Date Started
Mind Your Manners Sailea Nerid A class designed to provide the participants with better understanding of the rules of etiquette in various social situations. October, 2016
Play-By-Post Role Playing Cahalan Sothron A class for anyone who ever wanted to try play-by-post role play but never got the chance. July, 2016
Signatures - Making Your Mark Ariadne Davion A class for anyone who wants to learn to make signatures. Basic to Intermediate Paint. July, 2016


Class name Teacher Class Description Date Started
Wiki Editing Kerna Shedrian How to use and edit our library. September, 2015


Class name Teacher Class Description Date Started
Wiki Editing Kerna Shedrian A class on how to edit the wiki. April, 2014


Class name Teacher Class Description Date Started
Cooking for diabetes Jessibelle Coralis Creative twists on everyday foods for those with diabetes. September, 2013
The Aiel: To spit in Sightblinder's eye Nymala Ingasy A class covering the Aiel. September, 2013
Photography 201 Aryawnah Federov A beginning class for those with DSLR and SLR cameras. May, 2013
Dreams and Dreaming in WoT Analiese Sinclaer A class on the subtle yet powerful role of Dreaming in the series. May, 2013
Making Aes Sedai Shawls Jaryd Kosari Learn to make your own shawl. May,2013
Introduction to Illustrator Siera al'Cere A class for those interested in learning Illustrator. May, 2013
TV.Net Ajahs part 7: Red Ajah Meirah Zaïde Part 7 in the series. This covers the Red Ajah on TarValon.net. January, 2013
Healing and WoT Chalisea t'Venatrix Herbs and healing in the Wheel of Time. January, 2013
Photography 101 Aryawnah Federov A real life course on beginner's photography. January, 2013


Class name Teacher Class Description Date Started
TV.net Ajahs part 5: Yellow Ajah Winterdawn Lightheart This part of the series covers the Yellow Ajah on TarValon.net. October, 2012
Shaidar Haran Shaidar Haran Shaidar Haran teaches a class all about himself. April, 2012
Life Lessons from Madmen, Dreamers, and Deviants Jalen te'Kreg A class on different-thinking people in RL. April, 2012
OAT Graphics Miya Kiyoshi Learn enough about graphics so that you can one day apply for the Outreach Activities Team. September, 2012
Sewing 101 Laithean Cor'dazar A class on sewing that doesn’t require participants to actually sew. February, 2012
Scrapbooking Basics Jenalla Selar A class designed to get people started with scrapbooking. April, 2012
TV.net Ajahs part 1: Brown Ajah Zashara Sho'am A class to explore the Brown Ajah at TarValon.net. April, 2012
Eye of the World Kerna Shedrian This is the start of a series of classes offered by the Blue Ajah leading up to the final book. April, 2012
Gaidin and Bonding Jas'yn Al'Dragoran A class on Gaidin and bonding in Randland. April, 2012
Aiel Liiane al'Rhuidea A class all about the Aiel. February, 2012


Class name Teacher Class Description Date Started
Around the World Aryela Dashtahd Not a typical class. Instead this class focuses on the different traditions and cultures of members from the community. Everyone is allowed to help lead the discussion. September, 2011
TV.net Companies part 4: Dai M'Hael Deoan Kakarot, Vashanka Val'rus A class specifically to learn and discuss everything about the Dai M'Hael Company. August, 2011
How Not to Write Boring Fiction Sela Narian This is a class designed to help those looking to make their writing more interesting. July, 2011
Seanchan, Aiel, and Sea Folk Morrighan Daghdera Covering various topics about the Seanchan, Aiel, and Sea Folk. April, 2011
How to Edit Avatars Jaryd Kosari A class detailing a step-by-step approach to editing avatars using Photoshop CS3 or similar. March, 2011
Main Character: Egwene Meirah Zaïde & Korina Ducair A class focusing specifically on Egwene as a main character. March, 2011
Shadowspawn Adameus Kandahari Covering the various Shadowspawn found in the series. January, 2011


Class name Teacher Class Description Date Started
Membership and Raisings Ivien Tarkand The membership and raising policies of TarValon.Net. September, 2010
Tuatha’an Taes De Vrael A class on the Traveling People. July, 2010
The Administrative Structure of TarValon.Net Aleita Taviah Helping everyone understand how the site is run. July, 2010
Atha’an Miere Ibon Caseï Topics covering the Sea Folk. June, 2010
Organizations and Societies Adameus Kandahari A class on the different societies in WoT. June, 2010
Ajahs Aintza Bisera Discussing the different Ajahs from the series. April, 2010
Hawkwing Era Gahylin Leonhardt A class discussing everything from the era of Artur Hawkwing. April, 2010
Old Tongue Addelyn al'Vera A class on the Old Tongue language. April, 2010
Shadowspawn Eirlys al'Ghalan A class about the different Shadowspawn. March, 2010
Dark Side of the Tower Ky Alduranai Topics that touch on the Shadow. January, 2010
Main Characters Kerna Shedrian Discussing some of the main characters from the series. January, 2010
Wheel of Time Mysteries Adameus Kandahari A class looking into the mysteries of WoT. January, 2010
Eye of the World Jeffan Caliarthan Chapter by chapter discussion of EotW. January, 2010


Class name Teacher Class Description Date Started
Angreal Aloren Tarabutton A class to discuss the different angreal found in the series. October, 2009
Aiel Leilwyn al'Raen A class covering the Aiel. July, 2009
Companies Willow al'Meana & Serenla Tamowith Covers the Companies of the community. June, 2009
Wiki Editing for the Library Toral Delvar Basic wiki editing with emphasis on editing the TarValon.Net Library. May, 2009
Companies Aleita Taviah A class focused around the companies of TarValon.Net. January, 2009
Healing Practices of WoT Cultures Cattrin al'Modrah A class focused on the different healing practices in the series. January, 2009
Main Characters Aintza Bisera Looking at the main characters of WoT. January, 2009


Class name Teacher Class Description Date Started
Tower Bylaws Jaryd Kosari Looking over the bylaws for the community. December 2008
Symbology Kitiarah Lamseen Symbols and their meanings in WoT. September, 2008
Tel’aran’rhiod Dovienya el'Korim A class all about TAR. August, 2008
Age of Legends Rehtaeh al'Navi Discuss all there is to discuss with the Age of Legends. June, 2008
Companies of Tar Valon Reianna al'Namere Learning about the four Companies of TarValon.Net. June, 2008
Survival Skills Egara d'Sache A class covering the RL topic of survival. February, 2008
Companies Jadyn Al'Raimon A class to explore TarValon.Net's Companies. January, 2008
Forsaken Tinnlin Fundon A class on the Forsaken. January, 2008


Class name Teacher Class Description Date Started
Shadowspawn Lealenya Terim A class covering the Shadowspawn. November, 2007
Angreal Class Lierra al'Nina & Magdalenna t'Zai A class to look at all the different angreal. October, 2007
Ten Nations Aavyn Eirinon Covering each of the Ten Nations. October, 2007
Weaves Rhianna Solstice True Source, Weaves, Elements, and Talents. October, 2007
Aiel Manon Lumen A class on the Aiel. August, 2007
Talents with the One Power Tsubasa Kamui A class covering Talents that are One Power related. August, 2007
Fires of Heaven - Chapter by Chapter Ilverin Matriam A chapter by chapter reading of Fires of Heaven. July, 2007
Prophecy Kerna Shedrian A class on the different prophecies found in the series. June, 2007
Age of Legends Atarah al'Norahn A class covering the Age of Legends and Breaking. May, 2007
Knife of Dreams - Chapter by Chapter Iosef al'Shindel A class to read KoD. May, 2007
New Spring Muerandah d'Acre A discussion of the book New Spring. May, 2007
Shadowspawn Kethaana Nia Khamara Exploring different aspects of all the Shadowspawn. May, 2007
The Forsaken Liana Ceana A class focused on the Forsaken. April, 2007
Main Characters Rinwyn Sihrera A class covering the main characters. March, 2007
The Shadow Rising (spoilers) Leora Oldessroth Going over Shadow Rising. January, 2007


Class name Teacher Class Description Date Started
Weaves Rehtaeh al'Navi A class covering the different weaves in WoT. November, 2006
Links and Bonding Maddie Vitalia Exploring the ways the One Power can be used to create links and bonds. November, 2006
Gender al'Cary Mandoragon A class on gender at TarValon.Net. October, 2006
WoT Holidays Aloren Tarabutton A class on the holidays in WoT. August, 2006
Daes Dae’mar Kariada Kunai A class covering Daes Dae'mar. May, 2006
Fashion Style in Rand-Land Roshen Aldazar Clothing in WoT. May, 2006
Knife of Dreams - Chapter by Chapter Leora Oldessroth & Eveanyn al'Grace & Mirandha Laflor A chapter by chapter review of Knife of Dreams. May, 2006
More Tel’aran’rhiod Dovienya el'Korim A class covering the World of Dreams. April, 2006
Tower History Liana Ceana A basic class on White Tower and TarValon.net history. April, 2006
Old Tongue - Nosane Iro Kodome Morgana Arakos A class on the Old Tongue. April, 2005
Borderlands for Beginners Serenla Tamowith & Laurienne Corana An intro to the Borderlands. February 2006
Ten Nations Estella Sharina Agadis & Lyuna Ishizu A class covering the Ten Nations and the fall of the Compact. January, 2006