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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Atarah al'Norahn


Katerine Alruddin was an Aes Sedai of both the Red and Black Ajahs. She wore the shawl for seventeen years, and had been Black Ajah for twelve of those at the time of Dumai's Wells. (LoC, Prologue)

Katerine had raven-black hair that goes to her waist, and hard eyes set in a sharp face. (NS, Ch. 5; LoC, Ch. 51) She also had a sharp tongue. When Katerine was Accepted, she would often speak acidly to novices and other Accepted, though she was milder than milk-water and all obsequious smiles when there were Aes Sedai around. (NS, Ch. 5). She was killed in Tel'aran'rhiod by Egwene al'Vere (ToM, Ch. 38)



  • After leaving the Tower with Coiren's embassy, Katerine learned that Galina is also Black Ajah. Before this, she had only known the identity of two other Black sisters. (LoC, Prologue)
  • Galina is twice Katerine's age. (LoC, Prologue)
  • Rand hates Katerine, since she was one of the Aes Sedai who beat him. (ACoS, Ch. 7)


"One day she'll cut herself with that tongue." (Siuan to Moiraine about Katerine, New Spring, Chapter 5)

"Of necessity Black sisters kept themselves hidden, even from each other. Their rare gatherings were held with faces covered and voices disguised. Before Galina, Katerine had known only two to recognize. Orders were left on her pillow, or in a pocket of her cloak, the ink ready to vanish if any hand but hers touched the paper. She had a secret place to leave messages, and dire orders not to try to see who came to take them. She had never disobeyed." (Katerine thinks to herself about the Black Ajah; Lord of Chaos, Prologue)

"We intend to offer him escort to Tar Valon. Once he leaves Cairhien for Tar Valon, there will be -- a vacuum here." (Katerine to Colavaere about Rand; Lord of Chaos, Chapter 25).

“This was not caused by the Amyrlin, it was created by your foolish rebels and their betrayal” (To Egwene, The Gathering Storm, Chapter 2)