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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Habiger: An Altaran that Beslan conspires with when plotting rebellion against the empire in the Three Stars Inn.

Hachami, Avar:

Hachari: A soldier from Saldaea who tried to kill Taim.

Hackly, Eldrin:

Had (1): A young man from the Two Rivers. He is killed by Trollocs.

Had (2): A boy from the Two Rivers.

Had al'Lora: A young man from the Two Rivers. He aids in the rescue of Faile from the Seanchan.

Hadnan Kadere: A man from Saldaea. He is a Darkfriend who travels to the Aiel Waste with Keille Shaogi (Lanfear) and Jasin Natael (Asmodean). He was killed by Lanfear.

Hadora: One of Elayne’s Queen’s Guards.

Haellin, Sunamon:

Haerm: The commander of the Illianer Companions fighting with the Aes Sedai army in Kandor.

Haesel Palan: A woman from Murandy. She is a rug merchant.

Haesel: A woman who works as a servant at the Tarasin Palace in Ebou Dar, Altara.

Haevin, Arendor:

Haevin, Catalyn:

Haevin, Evelle:

Hafden, Rina:

Hafeen Bakuvun: A mercenary from Arad Doman. He is hired by Elayne to help her secure the Lion Throne.

Hahn: Graeger's fifteen year old son

Haindar: A historical character who lived during the Age of Legends; he was a male Aes Sedai who went mad from the taint on saidin.

Haindehl, Merise:

Hake, Saml:

Hal Moir: One of Gawyn’s Younglings.

Hal: A man from the Two Rivers. Halima Saranov: See Aran'gar.

Halan: An Ogier male from Stedding Shangtai. He is Arent’s father and Loial’s grandfather.

Half Tail: A wolf.

Halle, Barim:

Halvar: A historical character; he was one of the Firsts of Mayene who lived three hundred years ago.

Halvate: One of Tuon's brothers

Halwin Norry: A man who works as the First Clerk in the Royal Palace in Caemlyn, Andor.

Hamad: A Saldaean soldier. He travels from Saldaea with Bashere.

Hamada: An Ogier woman.

Hamal: A blacksmith. He is of the Moshaine sept of the Shaido Aiel.

Haman son of Dal son of Morel: An Ogier male from Stedding Shangtai. He is one of the Elders

Hamarashle, Lady:

Hamarashle, Lord:

Hammar: A Warder. He was a blademaster and taught men how to use a sword at the White Tower.

Hamora, Jisao:

Han: An Aielman; he is the Clan Chief of the Tomanelle. He supports Rand as the Car’a’carn.

Handar, Iagin:

Handoin: A Seanchan who is a rival of Tuon

Hanlon, Daved:

Hansard, Afrim:

Hanselle Renshar: A young Andoran lord. He is the grandson of Arathelle Renshar.

Haral Luhhan: A man from Emond’s Field in the Two Rivers. He is a blacksmith and married to Alsbet Luhhan.

Haral: A man from Emond’s Field in the Two Rivers. He was killed by Trollocs.

Haran, Shaidar:

Hardlin: An Asha’man; he is one of the Asha’man with Logain when Toveine Gazal and the other Aes Sedai are captured.

Harella, Faeldrin:

Haren, Thad:

Haret, Jurah:

Harfor, Reene:

Hari Coplin: A man from Emond’s Field in Andor; he is the brother of Darl Coplin.

Hari: A man who works for Masema Dagar.

Harilin: An Aiel woman of the Iron Mountain sept of the Taardad Aiel. She is a Maiden of the Spear.

Harine din Togara Two Winds: One of the Atha’an Miere. She is the Wavemistress of Clan Shodein. Her sister, Shalon din Togara Morning Tide, is her Windfinder. She makes the Bargain for the Atha’an Miere with Merana Ambrey and Rafela Cindal, who speak on behalf of Rand al’Thor. She is punished harshly for the Bargain she made, but later returns to be the Sea Folk Ambassador to the Dragon Reborn.

Hark, Samwil:

Harke, Maryl:

Harkin, Bera:

Harnan: A man from Tear. He is one of the members of the Band of the Red Hand. He travels with Mat. He goes with Mat to Hinderstap and later Mat intends to take him into Trustair, posing as an apprentice gleeman.

Harnder, Milam:

Harnesh, Alaabar:

Harod, Master:

Harril: Pritalle Nerbaijan of the Yellow Ajah’s Warder.

Hartha: An Ogier male from Seanchan. He is in the Deathwatch Guard.

Harvell: A member of the Band of the Red Hand wounded by street thugs while Mat is waiting for the gholam

Harvole, Mailaine:

Hasad, Biranca:

Hashala: A novice in the White Tower loyal to Egwene who encounters Suian and Gareth during the rescue attempt.

Haslin, Henre:

Haster Nalmat: A Saldaean officer in Bashere's army who was on guard at Milisair Chadmar's mansion when Nynaeve went to visit Jorgin.

Hatch: The innkeeper of The Dusty Wheel.

Hattori: An Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah who escaped Dumai's Wells and stayed in Dorlan during the Tower siege.

Haviar: A man from Tear. He is a member of Cha Faile.

Havien Nurelle: A man from Mayene. He is a Lord Lieutenant in Berelain’s Winged Guards. He travels with Berelain when she accompanies Perrin to Ghealdan.

Hawkwing, Artur:

Hayde: A Wise One

Hearne: One of the High Lords of Tear. He was one of the Tairen rebels against Rand.

Hehyal: A Dawn Runner and clan chief of the Taardad Aiel sixty years after the Last Battle.

Heidia: A Maiden of the Spear who is one of the two guards Rand takes with him when he returns to Bandar Eban

Heilin, Mistress:

Heirn: An Aiel man; he is the sept chief of the Jindo Taardad and a True Blood.

Helmke: A soldier with Rodel in Saldaea

Helvin, Master:

Hend: One of the Heroes of the Horn

Henre Haslin: The former Master of the Sword at the Royal Palace in Caemlyn, Andor. He was fired by Gaebril, and then hired by Rand to train the men who come to the Black Tower.

Henren: A lord from Andor.

Heran Adan: A man from Baerlon, Andor. He is the governor of Baerlon.

Herid Fel: A man from Andor. He stays at Rand’s school in Cairhien and gives advice to Rand about the Dark One’s prison. He is killed by the gholam.

Herid: A Darkfriend. He accompanies Hadnan Kadere to the Aiel Waste, and deserts him as soon as they return to Cairhien.

Herimon, Seaine:

Hernvil, Jakob:

Hessalam: The new name given to Graendal for her new body, meaning "Without forgiveness"

Hightower, Master:

Hilde Barran: A girl from Emond’s Field in the Two Rivers, Andor. She can channel and is taken from the Two Rivers by Alanna Mosvani and Verin Mathwin.

Hirare Nachiman: A lord from Arafel. He was killed during the Aiel War.

Hoffley, Master:

Hoigan, Sarin:

Holcom: A messenger with the White Tower army

Holdwin, Raimun:

Hopper: A wolf. He is killed by Whitecloaks and in tel'aran'rhiod by Slayer.

Hopwil, Eben:

Hornval, Master:

Hornwell, Master:

Hornwell, Mistress:

Hovian, Corele:

Howal Gode: A Darkfriend. He is killed by Rand.

Hu al'Dai: A man from the Two Rivers, Andor.

Hu Barran: A man from Emond’s Field in the Two Rivers, Andor. He works at the Winespring Inn.

Hu Marwin: A man from the Two Rivers, Andor. He travels with Perrin when he leaves the Two Rivers.

Hu: A possibly fictional character made up by Rand.

Huan Mallia: A man from Tear. He owns the ship Gray Gull.

Huan: A man from Tear. He is one of Siuan’s uncles; he died in a fire.

Huldin, Kely:

Huldin, Mistress:

Huon: A man from Seanchan. He was High Lord Turak’s so’jhin.

Hurd: A man from Jurador, Altara. He works at a stable.

Hurin: A man from Shienar. He is a sniffer. He aids in the search for the Horn of Valere. He returns to Shienar and is later chosen as the Borderland representative when they wish to arrange a meeting with Rand, where he is treated harshly

Hurn, Rowan:

Hyam Kinch: A man from Andor.

Hyran: A man from Ghealdan. He was engaged to marry Nicola Treehill, but died before their marriage.