Strengths in the One Power (Ranked)

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Relative strengths of chanellers

This portion is incomplete and will be expanded at a later date

For many of these, an actual strength number on a 72 point scale is given in the companion, but we do not include those numbers here. This also frequently reveals if a person is strong enough to channel.

Information on the strength of many of the women has been given, generally in relation to other women, so a picture of the relative strengths can be built up. Others are just referred to as being of a particular sort of strength, such as "quite strong, not weak or middling". A third type of information comes from people's thoughts on how much they should defer. Finally, people are referred to as being strong enough to do certain things, most notably Travel. From all this, it is possible to work out relative strength for many, though several groups are not connected. Occasionally a woman is referred to as "not strong enough to become Aes Sedai" instead of "Not strong enough to be raised Accepted", and although this implies that a woman can be raised Accepted, but not Aes Sedai, the nature of everything else we learn, indeed the term "Accepted" suggests this isn't so. We do know of some examples in the Companion where someone was raised Accepted for political reasons, even though they could not be Aes Sedai.

Strong enough to become Aes Sedai

This group includes all the Aes Sedai, Accepted and Forsaken.

Too weak to be raised Aes Sedai

Strong enough to Travel

Only eight of the Kin can Travel out of one hundred and forty seven (TPoD, Ch. 6) and two of those only weakly. The majority of the Kin, however were put out for being too weak. Julanya and Sabeine are strong enough to Travel, but not strong enough to be part of the Weather Circle *(Naime, Rysaid, Tebraille, Caire (Running it), Metarra, Rainyn, Elayne, Aviendha, Nynaeve, Reanne, Garenia, Kirstian), the same goes for Renaile. Kirstian is in the circle and is the weakest of those for whom their strength is known relative to others. Other than Tebreile, who may have got special dispensation due to Cloud Dancing Talent, the others must all be stronger than Renaile, Sumeko, Julayne and Sabeine.

None of the Knitting Circle were weak (TPoD, Ch. 28). There are eleven surviving members of the knitting circle (Chilares, Reanne, Famelle, Sumuko, Tamarla, Ivara, Ieine, Eldase, Demara, Kirstian, Sibella). Two at least, Reanne and Sumuko can Travel and at least three none Knitting Circle members (Garenia, Julanya and Sabeine), so it seems that at least six of the knitting circle are not strong enough to Travel, yet still considered not weak. However, "several" can Travel.

  • A handful of Aes Sedai in Salidar are strong enough to make a gateway larger than they could put their hand through and most not even that (LoC, Ch. 39).
  • Cetalia, Anaiya (NS, Ch. 12).
  • Alviarin (ACoS, Ch. 7)
  • The Windfinders who go with the Bowl from Ebou Dar - Channelle, Shielyn, Renaile, Caire, Tebreile, Dorile, Naime, Rysael, Kurin, Rainyn, Metarra, Talaan, however Elayne judges them as standing "not low, but not high" (TPoD, Ch. 1) She also thinks that Renaile was far from the strongest (TPoD, Ch. 2).
  • Therava, Someryn (TPoD, Ch. 11)
  • Viendra, Tamela (TPoD, Prologue.
  • Reane (CoT, Ch. 12 and those of equal or greater strength, Kiruna, Kwamesa , Sheriam (ACoS, Ch. 23), Kirstian (TPoD, Ch. 1), Bera, Masuri, Faeldrin, Rafela, Merana (LoC, Ch. 49).
  • Alanna (WH, Ch. 25) plus Merana and Verin (LoC, Ch. 43).
  • Sumeko, Sabeine Ocalin, Julanya Fote (CoT, Ch. 14).
  • Beonin (KoD, Ch. 2) and those women of equal strength, Morvrin, Maigan, Anaiya ,Myrelle Carlinya (LoC, Ch. 34).

Not strong enough to Travel

Those on the same line are of aproximately equal strength. Some are estimates. Much is guess work

Excluding the forsaken

Sharina (potential), Alivia

Nynaeve, Talaan

Tamela, Viendra

Elayne, Egwene, Aviendha, Metarra

Cadsuane, Someryn, Bode

Kerene, Meilyn

Nicola, Therava

Elaida, Moiraine*, Romanda, Lelaine, Garenia, Rainyn, Melaine, Amys, Theodrin, Faolain

Sheriam, Kiruna, Bera, Kwamesa, Kirstian, Reanne, (K), Masuri, Faeldrin, Rafela


Anaiya, Morvin, Beonin, Carlinya, Maigan

Akkarin, Siuan, Therva


Others, who can be compared to each other, but do not have a certain place in the above list.. Those on the same line are not necessarily equal, just stronger than those on the line below

Shannelle, Renaile, Shielyn, Naime, Rysaid, Tebraille, Caire, Metara, Raiyne (All WF), Alviarin, Sumeko, Sabeine, Julanye

Vandene, Adeleas, Phaedrine, Shemari, Aiden, Zemaille

Joline = Teslyn

Vandene, Adeleas, Sareitha, Merilille


Bera Seonid

Alanna = Verin = Merana

Tialin (WO), Demira




Daigian, Monaelle



Pevara = Saerin = Yukiri

Seaine, Doseine



Chesmal, Asne, Temaile



Desandre, Lemai

Gabrelle, Toveine



Lusonia, Covarla