Administrative and Staff Positions in 2010

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All official positions held during 2010.


Amyrlin Seat (CEO)
Keeper of the Chronicles (COO)
Shatayan (CFO)

Department Heads

Department of Administration
Department of Events and Conferences
Department of Marketing
Department of Membership
Department of Moderators
Department of Philanthropy
Department of Research
Department of Technology

Department of Administration

Annual Reports Project Manager
Human Resources Project Manager

Department of Community Development


The Guilds

Artisan's Guildmaster
Healer's Guildmaster
Innkeeper's Guildmaster
Martial Guildmaster
Professor's Guildmaster
Tailor's Guildmaster

Online Events

Online Events Coordinator
Online Events Team
First Term
Second Term

Tar Valon Times

TVT Editor
TVT Writers
First Term

Games, Quizzes and Humor Forum Moderators

Department of Events and Conferences

Mistress of Revels - Britain & Ireland
Mistress of Revels - Continental Europe
Mistress of Revels - North America
Mistress of Revels - South Pacific
  • Vacant
Conference Coordinator
Head Marshal
Property Mistress

Department of Marketing

Online Events Graphics Coordinator
Graphics Development Team
Editor of the Tar Valon Times
TVT Staff
First Term
Second Term
Marketing Project Manager
Tower Voice

Department of Membership

Mistress of Novices
Captain of Recruits
Mistress of Accepted
Captain of Soldiers
Welcoming Committee

Community Groups

Blue Head of Ajah
Blue Heart of Ajah
Brown Head of Ajah
Brown Heart of Ajah
Gray Head of Ajah
Gray Heart of Ajah
Green Head of Ajah
Green Heart of Ajah
Red Head of Ajah
Red Heart of Ajah
White Head of Ajah
White Heart of Ajah
Yellow Head of Ajah
Yellow Heart of Ajah
Dai M'Hael Company Commander
Dai M'Hael Honor Guard
Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb Company Commander
Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb Honor Guard
San d'ma Shadar Company Commander
San d'ma Shadar Honor Guard
Val'Cueran Company Commander
Val'Cueran Honor Guard

Department of Moderators



General Moderator
Current Events Moderator
Frivolous Fun Moderator
Olde Warder & Hen Moderator
Tech & Media Moderator
Job Hunters Moderator

Chat Operators

The information for chat operators for 2010 is incomplete.


Department of Philanthropy


Servants of All

Servants of All Planning Committee

Department of Research

Assistant to Director of Research
Tower Voice

Due to the wiki nature of the library and the difficulty in getting assigned projects from staff members, it was decided in 2010 to lo longer have specific staff, but to assign articles to those who requested them and to allow volunteers the ability to edit pre existing articles. The people below are those that worked on the library during 2010, excluding edits to personal pages.


Department of Technology


Zhareen Narelle: January 1 - December 31


Non Departmental Staff

The Hall of the Tower

Spring Term (January 1 - June 30)

Blue - Nyarin al'Batera, Alessandra Estelle (served from January 1 to February 21, stood down to take on the position of Mayor), Rhianna Solstice (served February 21 to June 30)
Brown - Lilli O'Neeus, Ayendra Kisharad
Gray - Mariasha Casindred, Magdalenna t'Zai
Green - Manon Lumen, Jodea Kegan
Red - Osaka ni Demae t'al'Caarn, Leora Oldessroth (until March 30 when she stood down to take the position of head), Mirshann Uuranor t'al'Theorem, (March 30 to June 30)
White - Enya Tawarwaith, Loira al'Ramoidra
Yellow - Liana Ceana, Sa'areah Britthorn (served from January 1 to April 14, stood down to take on the position of Head), Inanna Landred (served April 14 to June 30)
Dai M'Hael - Riley Maconnar, Yngrot Draconian
Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb - Jeryn Lekar, Aves Keynes
San d'ma Shadar - Caerwyn Jolan, Xander Silverstar
Val'Cueran - Rienn al'Etyra, Jasin Bashar

Fall Term (July 1 - December 31)

Blue - Ibon Caseï, Kyla Sterling
Brown - Ayendra Kisharad, Viola Al'Shinnen
Gray - Ivien Tarkand, Alyria Ess
Green - Lia Kellenit, Miridyth Al'Landerin
Red - Elia LePhant, Valadilene Aldieb
White - Loira al'Ramoidra, Lyara Tieran
Yellow - Inanna Landred, Khisanth al'Danya
Dai M'Hael - Eli Soljourn, Da'mas Tamoryn
Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb - Emp Orer, Vealdan Annalin
San d'ma Shadar - Robertus Cain, Tenedos Therwene
Val'Cueran - Cathel Dreng, Braedan Fearghal