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Aan'allein: An Aiel term for Lan, "Man alone" or "man who is an entire people" in the Old Tongue

Abram, Feast of: A feast celebrated in Jumara

A'dam: A ter’angreal composed of two pieces, used to control a woman who can channel saidar.

Accepted: A woman who has reached the second part of her journey to become Aes Sedai.

Access Keys: A ter'angreal used to control the Choedan Kal in the form of a miniature version of the sa'angreal

Adar: The fifth month of the year

Aelfinn: A race of humanoid beings with snake like characteristics

Aes Sedai: Women who can channel and have been trained in the White Tower of Tar Valon and have passed all the tests required.

Aethan Dor: An Aiel Warrior Society hose members often act as police

Age: One of seven periods that repeat each time the Wheel of Time turns

Age Lace: The Great Pattern, woven from the Ages

Age of Legends: The previous age that ended with the Dark One being sealed in the bore and the Breaking of the World

Ah'frait: One of the twelve primary bands in the social order of Trollocs. Its badge is a silver whirlwind.

Aiel War: A conflict between the Aiel and the nations of the Westlands

Aiel: The secretive inhabitants of the Aiel Waste

Aine: The fourth month of the year

Air: One of the five powers

Ajah: One of seven groupings to which all Aes Sedai belong

Al'ghol:One of the twelve primary bands in the social order of Trollocs. Its badge is a hooked axe.

Alantin: Short for tia avende alantin , Brother to trees in the Old Tonge

Algai'd'siswai: Spear brother, an Aiel Warrior

Algode: A plant material used for clothes in the Aiel Waste.

All Souls Day: A feast occurring every ten years at the autumn equinox

Altaran: A person from Altara

Always Choose the Right Horse:

Amayar: The inhabitants of the Sea Folk Isles

Amaetheon: A feast celebrating the dead

Amyrlin Seat: The ruler of the Aes Sedai

Andilay: A tea used for fatigue

Andoran: A person from Andor

Angreal: An object that allows a person to channel more of the One Power than they could otherwise hold unaided

Apple Blossoms in the Wind: A sword form

Aran'gar: A poisoned duelling dgger used in the sport of Sha'je


Arc of the Moon: A sword form

Armies of the Night, The: The armies that occupied Seanchan prior to the arrival of Luthair Paendrag

Artham: A ter'angreal able to hide a person from the Shadow

Asadine: A day of Fasting in the Borderlands and Cairhien

Asha'man: Men able to channel, trained at the Black Tower. Also the highest rank of such men, equivalent to Aes Sedai

Ashandarei : Literally "sword-spear', a spear with a long sword like blade

Assemblage: A body chosen from Illian's merchants and ship owners that rivals the King and the Council of Nine

Atha'an Miere: The Sea Folk, a people who live almost their entire lives at sea

Atha'an Shadar: The Seanchan name for Darkfriends

Avendesora: The Tree of Life

Avendoraldera: A sapling of Avendesora, given to the Cairhienin by the Aiel for reasons they did not consider important to explain.

Ayyad: The channelers of Shara also the rulers, unbeknownst to the other inhabitants