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Baijin'm'hael In the Old Tongue, "Attack Leader", a title assigned to Manel Rochaid

Bailene: A festival celebrated on the ninth day of Amadaine

Balefire: A dangerous weave that it not only destroys whatever it is used against, it destroys it before it hits.

Balescream: An occasional effect of using balefire, it feels as though the pattern itself is rippling, when creation itself howls in pain

Banath People A set of tribes that lived on what is now Almoth Plain

Bannerman: A military rank among NCOs

Barsine Lace: A type of fabric

Battle of Bekkar: A battle during the Trolloc Wars, also known as the Field of Blood

Battle of Darulna: A battle in Rodel Ituralde's campaign against the Seanchan.

Battle of Merrilor: The climatic battle of the Last Battle

Battle of Priya Narrows: A historical battle

Battle of the Shining Walls: The final battle in the Aiel War, outside Tar Valon, where Laman was killed

Bel Arvina: A feast celebrating the first day of autumn

Bel Tine: A feast celebrating the end of winter

Berin's Retreat: A song

Bhan'sheen: One of the twelve primary bands in the social order of Trollocs. Its badge is a dagger-pierced skull.

Black Pebbles on Snow: A Sword form

Blacklance's Last Strike: A Sword form

Blacksmith Strikes the Blade: A Sword form

Biteme: A tiny buzzing insect considered an annoyance

Birds, Festival of: A festival celebrated in the southern regions two days before Maddin's Day in winter.

Bittern: A musical instrument with six, nine or twelve strings

Black Ajah: A secret Ajah, dedicated to the Dark One before its exposure.

Black Eyes: One of the Aiel Warrior societies

Blacklance: A highly venomous snake

Black Fever: A disease that killed Artur Hawkwing's parents

Blackbile Fever: A contagious disease

Bleakness: The feeling of loss and desolation many Aiel had on learning their true heritage

Blessing of the Nets: A festival celebrated in small fishing villages

Blood Feud: A feud between Aiel clans

Bloodwash Falls: A place where Mat has a memory of fighting a man called Nashif.

Blue Ajah: One of the smallest Ajahs, second to only the White, it concerns itself with justice and causes

Bluespine: An unpleasant tasting tea

Bluewort: A tea used for upset stomachs

Blue Goatflower: A herb used in helping bones heal

Boneknit: A herb used in helping bones heal

Borderland: A nation that borders the Blight

Bore: The hole drilled into the Dark One's prison in the Age of Legends

Bottom of the Well: A song

Bowl of the Winds: A ter'angreal used to control the weather that was used far beyond its intended capacity

Breakbone Fever: A disease where the sufferer writhes as though their bones are going to break

Breaking: The period following the sealing of the Dark One where the male Aes Sedai went mad and destroyed what remained of civilisation.

Brotherless: The mera'din, Aiel who abandoned clan to join the society among the Shaido because they could not accept Rand as Car'a'carn

Brothers of the Eagle: Far Aldazar Din, an Aiel Warrior Society

Bringer of Gales: A Sea Folk name for the Dark One

Brown Ajah: One of the groups of Aes Sedai, dedicated to knowledge

Bubble of Evil: A miasma, rising up from the Dark One that latches on to the Pattern to cause twisted events

Buchaner Rebellion: A rebellion led by Birgitte in her life as Jethari Moondancer

Bundling Straw: A sword form

Burn Out: To lose the ability to use or sense the One Power, usually by drawing too much of it