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Oath Rod: A ter'angreal that binds a female channeller to oaths sworn while using it

Observations on a Visit to Tear:

Ogier: A non human species, originally from another world.

Old Black Bear, the:

Old Grey Goose, the:

Old Jak's Up a Tree:

Old Tongue: The language spoken during the Age of Legends

Old Two Rivers' Leaf, the:

One Power, The: The energy used to power the turning of the Wheel of Time. Invisible to most, some people have the ability to sense and manipulate it

Oneness: The flame and the void, a concentration technique

Only One Boot:

Only One Bucket of Water:

Oosquai: An alcoholic drink prepared by the Aiel

Ordeith: In the Old Tongue, wormwood

Osan'gar: One of a pair of poison tipped duelling daggers used during the Collapse.

Ounce: A unit of weight, Ten ounces make one pound

Ox Lowers His Horns, the: