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Sa'angreal: An object that allows a person to channel far more of the One Power than they could unaided

Sakarnen - A Sa'angreal, used by Demandred

Samma N'Sei:

San d'ma Shadar:

Sa'sara: An alluring Saldaean dance.

Saban: The third month of the year

Saidar: The female half of the One Power

Saidin: The male half of the One Power, tainted for over three thousand years.

Sailmistress: the captain of a Sea Folk vessel, always female.

Saldaean: A person from Saldaea

Salmarna: A place where some sort of conflict took place

Saven: The sixth month of the year

Scarlet Adder: A venomous snake

Scarlet Puffer: A non venomous snake found in the Waste

Sea Folk: A people who live almost their entire lives at sea.

Seanchan: People from the Seanchan continent

Seat of Pardon:

Seat of Rebuke:

Second Brother: Aiel term for a male cousin

Second Covenant: Compact between the ten nations formed after the Breaking for their mutual protection

Second Sister: Aiel term for a female cousin.

Seeing Through the Breaking:

Seedsinging: The practice in the Age of Legends using Nym, Ogier and Aiel that grew plants that would not succumb to blight

Seeker: Title given to the leader of a band of Tuatha'an

Seeker for the Truth: One of the Seanchan secret police

Sefan, Feast of: An Illianer celebration in the month of Amadaine


Siege of the Pillars of Heaven, The:

Sei'moseiv: Seanchan term meaning lowered eyes, one who has lost honour

Sei'taer: Seanchan term meaning level eyea

Seia Doon: The Black eyes, an Aiel Warrior Society

Semalaren: The site of a battle in Seanchan

Sept: A subgroup of an Aiel clan

Serpent Tongue Dances, the:

Severing: The removal of a person's ability to channel

Sh'boan: The female ruler of Shara

Sh'botay: The male ruler of Shara

Sha'mad Conde: The Thunder Walkers, an Aiel clan

Shadow, The: The forces of the Dark One

Shadowspawn: An artificial creature made during the Age of Legends by combining human and animal stock.

Shae'en M'taal: Stone Dogs, an Aiel Warrior Society

Shaido: One of the Aiel clans

Shaisam ; A name for Padan Fain

Shake Dew from the Branch:

Shal: A game known in Seanchan

Shaldine: The eleventh month of the year

Shambayan In the Borderlands, one of the head servants in a lord's keep, with general responsibility for running the household.

Shanna'har: A ceremony to mark the anniversary of marriage in Saldaea.

Shaoman: A festival held in the month of Shaldine

Shaarad: One of the Aiel clans

Shatayan: In the Borderlands, one of the head servants in a lord's keep, in charge of all other servants.

Shea Dancer:

Shearing: A festival celebrated in farming communities some time after Bel Tine

Sheathing the Sword:

Sheepstongue Root:

Shen an Calhar: In the Old Tongue, "Band of the REd Hand" an elite military formation in Manethren and now Mat Cauthon's personal army

Shiande: One of the Aiel clans

Shield: A weave used to prevent a person from using the One Power without permanently removing their ability to do so

Shienaran: A person from Shienar

Sho-Wing: A flying vehicle during the Age of Legends

Shocklance: an energy weapon developed during the War of the Shadow


Silk Path: The road across the Aiel Waste




Sister-Wifes: In Aiel culture, women who share the same husband.

Siswai'aman: An Aiel warrior

Sitter: An Aes Sedai who is a member of the Hall of the Tower

Skimming: The abiity to travel from one place to another through a gateway by greatly cutting down the intervening space. Unlike travelling it is not instantaneous and does not require the person to know their starting point well.

Skylights: Lights created in the sky by damane

Sleepweaver: A ter'angreal used to enter tel'aran'rhiod

Sleepwell Root: A plant that can be used to clear headaches so a person can sleep

Soe'feiaA truthspeaker to the Seanchan royal family, required by duty to tell the absolute truth and free from any possible repercussions

Soetam: An unusually sized rat found in the Drowned Lands

Soft Rain at Sunset:

So'jhin: One who is owned, a Seanchan slave

Solanje: The site of a battle in Arad Doman

Soldier: The lowest rank among the Asha'man, for those newly joined or too weak to gain rank.

Solinde Lace:

Song of a Hundred Days, the:

Soralle Step: A battle during the Trolloc Wars

Sorda: A rank tasting rat in the Waste

Soremaine: A battle in the Whitecloak War


Soulless: An alternate name for gray men

Soulsbane: A name for the Dark One

Sovarra lace:

Span: A unit of length equivalent to two paces. One thousands spans make a mile

Spikehorn: A deet found in the drowned lands

Spin: A game played with tiles.


Spirit: One of the five Powers.

Spotted Fever:

S'redit: the Seanchan term for elephant

Staera: An instrument used by the Aiel in sweat tents to scrape themselves

Stair of Jehaan: A battle after the fall of Malkier

Stasis Box: Ter'angreal which can be used to store artefacts and extremely perishable items.

Stedding The areas Ogier live, in which the One Power cannot be sensed

Stick: A small creature found in the blight that will digest anything it bites

Stilling: The act of deliberately removing a woman's ability to use the One Power.

Stone Dogs: Shae'en M'taal, an Aiel Warrior Society

Stone Falls From the Mountain:

Stones Fall in the Pond:

Stones Falling Down the Mountain:

Stones Falling From the Cliff:

Storm Shakes the Branch:

Streith: A material from the Age of Legends that could change colour to reflect a person's mood

Study of Men, Women and the One Power Among Humans, A:

Study of the War of the Shadow, A:

Stump: The polished stump of a great tree in a stedding used as a meeting place

Sul'dam: Leash holder, a woman able to learn to channel who controls a damane through an a'dam

Sulmein Gap: A battle early in Artur Hawkwing's rise to power

Sunburst Root:

Sunday: The longest day of the year, it is not part of any month

Sungwood: An object created by tree singing

Sursa: Sticks, used as eating utensils in Tarabon

Sweet Root:

Sword Captain: A military rank, for a person in charge of a noble's armed force

Swordmaster: the man in charge of overall defence and trade for a clan