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Mabriam's Day: Mabriam's Day is a feast or festival celebrated on the eighteenth day of Tammaz in small towns and villages.

Machin Shin: The Black Wind, is a thing of the Ways, its origins unknown, that steals the souls of those it encounters .

Maddin's Day: A celebration of the founder of Altara

Mah'alleinir: A hammer forged by Perrin and strengthened by Fager Neald, with a circle of Wise Ones and Jur Grady. It is the first known weapon to use the One Power in its making since the age of Legends.

Mahdi: In the old Tongue, Seeker, the leader of a band of Tuatha'an

Maia, Feast of: A Feast celebrated in Amadaine

Maiden of the Spear: Far Dareis Mai, an Aiel Warrior Society composed entirely of women

Maiden's Kiss: A game played by Maidens of the Spear

Maiden's Ruin: A dice game

Maighande: A battle towards the end of the Trolloc Wars

Maighdal: The ninth month of the year

Majhere: The head servant in the Stone of Tear

Maldine Lace:

Malkieri: A person from Malkier

Mandarb: In the Old Tongue, "blade"

Mara and the Three Foolish Kings:

Marath: A battle during the Aiel War

Marath'damane: In the Old Tongue, those who must be leashed, Seanchan term for a woman able to channel not yet held by an a'dam

March: A unit of area equivalent to 1000 paces by 1000 paces

Mardina Lace:

Marendalar: The site of a battle in Seanchan during the consolidation

Marasin: A herb used for sleep.

Marks and Remarks:

Marisin Valley: The site of a battle in Coremanda

Mark: A unit of currency equal to ten silver crowns in most nations

Marriage and Death of Princess Walishen, the:

Marriage of Cinny Wade, the:

Marriage Knife: A knife worn by married Altaran women

Marshwhite: A tea used for upset stomachs that has a slight bite to the taste

Mashadar: The evil of Shadar Logoth.

Mashiara: In the Old Tongue, beloved of heart, a lost love

Mask of Mirrors: A name for the Mirror of Mists, a trick of the One Power to make a person seem larger and louder

Master of the Blades: The companion of the Mistress of Ships with overall responsibility for Sea Folk trade

Mayor: The head of a village council

Meditations on the Kindling Flame:

Meegerling: An unintelligent animal in the Waste

Men of Fire and Women of Air:

Mera'din: the Brotherless, Aiel who left their clan to join their society among the Shaido because they could not accept Rand al'Thor as Car'a'carn

Merada Lace:

M'hael: In the Old Tongue, "Leader", the title taken by Mazrim Taim as leader of the Asha'man

Mia'cova: In the Old Tongue, "My Owner", the perosn who holds a Cour'souvra

Miagoma: One of the Aiel clans

Midean's Ford:]]:


Mile: A unit of distance equivalent to 1000 spans

Mindtrap: A device, favoured by the Shadow that allows the holder to control a person who can channel.

Mirror of Mists: A trick of the One Power to make a person seem larger and louder

Mirrors of the Wheel:

Mistress Aynora's Rooster:

Mistress of the Ships: The ;eader of the Sea Folk

Moghedien: A spider in the Age of Legends that hid in the shadows before biting people, hence the Forsaken

Moon on the Water:

Moon Rises Over the Lakes, the:

Moon Rises Over Water, the:

Monuments Past:

Morning Drop:

Mosadorin: The site of a rebellion during the Compact of the Ten Nations

Mother (1): Honorific by which the Amyrlin Seat is referred

Mother (2): Title given to village Wise Women in places such as Andor, Ghealdan, Caemlyn, Altara and Tear

Myrddraal: A trolloc throwback to the human side of their stock