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Jaerecruz Lace:

Jehaan Tower: One of the border towers in Shienar where a trolloc incursion was once held back

Jendai Prophecy: The prophecy of the Sea Folk that tells of their rise to prominence on the seas

Jenje: A site of a battle during the years of the Compact of the Ten Nations

Jenn: A disparaging name given by the Aiel who had adopted violence to those who kept to the Way of the Leaf

Jeramel: A town in Amidicia where the Amidician army was defeated by the Seanchan

Ji: Honour in Aiel society

Ji'e'toh Honour and obligation, the code of life that rules Aiel society

Jo-car: A form of transport in the Age of Legends

Journey to Tarabon, A:

Jumara: A form of Shadowspawn created by Aginor that are in the form of giant worms, though in the age of Legends, they transformed into something else

Jumper: A form of transport in the Age of Legends