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Cadin'sor: "Working clothes", the coat and breeches worn by Aiel men and Maidens of the Spear

Cairhienin: A person from Cairhien

Callandor: A powerful, flawed sa'angreal in the form of a crystal sword.


Captain General: The title given to the Green Head of Ajah

Captain of the Stone: The commander of the Defenders of the Stone

Car'a'carn: Chief of chiefs, the prophecied leader of the Aiel.

Cargomaster: The man on a Sea Folk ship in charge of trade

Carneira: A Malkieri term to denote a person's first lover

Cat Crosses the Courtyard:

Cat Dances on the Wall:

Cat on Hot Sand:

Cha Faile: The Falcon's Tongue in the Old Tongue is one of the societies formed by young Cairhienin and Tairen nobles, in imitation of the Aiel Warrior Societies.

Chainleaf: A tea used to calm the stomach

Chair of Pardon:

Chair of Remorse: A ter'angreal in the White Tower, used for punishing thieves and other criminals

Channel: To use the One Power

Chansein: A feast celebrated on the third day of Jumara

Chareen: One of the Aiel Clans, led by Erim

Cherry Petal Kisses the Pond

Children of the Light: A military organisation dedicated to opposing Darkfriends.

Chop: A card game.

Choren: The tenth month of the year

Chosen: The name Darkfriends give to themselves

Clan (Aiel): The equivalent of nations among the Aiel. Thee are twelve

Clan (Sea Folk: The equivalent of nations among the Sea Folk. The number is unknown

Cloud Dancing: A talent to control the weather

Cock O' the North:

Codarra: One of the Aiel Clans, led by Indirian

Cole Pass: A battle in Artur Hawkwing's rise

Collapse, the: The period following the drilling of the bore until the War of the Shadow where civilisation fell apart

Color of Trust, the:

Colors of the Sun:

Compass: A dice game

Chora Tree: Avendesora, the tree of life, located in Rhuidean

Color of Trust, The:

Comprehensive Discussion of Pre-Breaking Relics, A:

Coren Root:

Comaidin: A place during the Compact of the Ten Nations

Come Ye Maids:

Coming Home From Tarwin's Gap:

Commentary on the Dragon:

Companions: The elite military formation of Illian

Compulsion: A weave that allows a person to control another, or to implant false memories

Con: Small banners, used by Cairhienin to pick out officers in battle and to mark a lord's personal retinue

Consolidation: The period when the descendants of Luthair Paendrag conquered the Seanchan continent

Cor Darei: The Night Spears, an Aiel Warrior Society

Cord: A unit of area

Corlm: A Seanchan exotic that resembles a flightless bird

Corenne: The name given by the Seanchan to their invasion of the Westlands.

Council of Merchants: One of the ruling bodies of Arad Doman

Council of Nine: One of the ruling bodies of Illiian

Cour'souvra: A mindtrap, a ter'angreal that allows the owner to control a person who can channel

Courtier Taps His Fan, The:

Covenant of the Ten Nations: A compact formed between the nations that arose after the Breaking to provide protection against Shadowspawn and Darkfriends

Creeper Embraces the Oak, the:

Crown: A unit of currency

Crowns: A dice game

Crimsonthorn: A pant with poisonous roots

Crockobur: A nesting animal in the Aiel Waste

Crowning Stone:

Crystal Throne: A 'ter'angreal used by the Seanchan Empire to instil loyalty in all who go before it

Cuaindaigh Fords: A battle late in the Trolloc Wars

Cuallin Dhen: The site of a battle between Tear and Andor early in the New Era

Cuendillar : An material created by the one power that can't be damaged in any way

Customs and Ceremonies of the Tairen Court:

Cutting the Clouds:

Cutting the Reeds:

Cutting the Wind:

The Cyclone Rages, the: