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Rain in High Wind:


Raken: A flying Seanchan exotic

Razor: A striped horse, favoured by the Domani Bloodborn


Rat Gnawing the Grain:

Reader: Title given to a local healer or Wise Woman in places such as Cairhien

Reading Residues: the talent of determining a weave from the residues that have not completely dissipated.

Reaping the Barley:

Reason and Unreason:

Red Adder: A venomous snake

Red Ajah: One of the seven groupings of Aes Sedai, dedicated to preventing a second Breaking by gentling men who can Channel

Red Daisy:

Red Hawk Takes a Dove:

Red Shields: Aethan Dor, an Aiel Warrior Society

Redarm: The peacekeeping faction of the Band of the Red Hand

Restorer: A Healer in the Age of Legends

Retashen Dazar: A drink from the isolated island of Retash

Reyn: One of the Aiel clans

Rhea's Fling:

Rhyagelle: The Return, the Seanchan invasion to reclaim the Westlands

Ribbon: A unit of area, 20 paces by 10 paces

Ribbon in the Air:

River of Light:

River Undercuts the Bank, the:

Road to Dun Aren, the:


Rope: A unit of area, 100 paces by 1000 paces