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Ta'veren A person chosen by the Pattern to mend it and set things on their correct course.

Taardad: An Aiel Clan

Tain Shari: True Bloods, an Aiel Warrior society.

Taint, the: The backstroke by the Dark One as he was sealed in his prison that for over three thousand years caused any man who touched saidin to go mad

Tairen: A person from Tear.

Taisham: The first month of the year

Talent: A specific ability with the One Power

Talidar: The site of a battle against Shadowspawn in Artur Hawkwing's time

Tammaz: The eighth month of the year

Ta'maral'ailen: The great Pattern

Tandar: A festival of reconciled.

Tamyrlin: The ring worn by the leader of the Aes Sedai in the Age of Legends

Tcheran: A game known in the Age of Legends

Tarchrot Leaf: A poisonous leaf, with an unpleasant taste

Tel Norwin: A battle during the trolloc wars

Telarti: Seanchan term, meaning "women with fire in her soul"

Tel'aran'rhiod: The world of dreams

Ten Nations: The nations that formed after the Breaking and were destroyed by the Trolloc wars



Ter'angreal: An object that allows a person to use the One Power for a specific purpose

Tevan, Feast of: An Illianer celebration in the month of Amadaine



Thistledown Floats on the Whirlwind:

Thoughts Among the Ruins:

Threading the Needle:

Three Girls in the Meadow:

Three Oaths: The Oaths sworn by Aes Sedai on the oath rod

Threes: A dice game

Thunder Walkers: Sha'mad Conde an Aiel Warrior Society

Tinker has my Pots, the:

Tinker in the Kitchen:

Tiganza: A dance performed by Tuatha'an women

Time of Madness: The time after the Dark One was sealed in the bore when the male Aes Sedai went mad and destroyed the world

Timsin Root:

Tirish Adar: A celebration in Adar in most northern countries

To Sail Beyond the Sunset:

Toh: Obligation, part of the Aiel way of life ji'e'toh

Tomanelle: One of the Aiel clans

Tora Shan: A battle sometime between the late years AB and Artur Hawkwing's rise

To'raken: A flying Seanchan exotic Toss the Feathers:

Tower of Morning:

Traveling: A weave that allows a person to move directly from one place to another through a gateway

Traveling People: The Tuatha'an, a pacifistic nomadic people descended from the Aiel of the Age of Legends

Travels in the Aiel Waste, with Various Observations on the Savage Inhabitants:

Travels of Jain Farstrider; The:

Tree Killer: An Aiel name for the Cairhienin

Treesinger: An Ogier who is able to treesing

Trolloc: A created being made by combining human and animal stock

Trolloc Wars: A series of overlapping laws, lasting about 300 years that destroyed the nations that arose after the Breaking

True Bloods: True Bloods, an Aiel Warrior Society

True Power: The power source that derives from the Dark One

True Source: The source of the One Power

Truthspeaker: A companion of the Seanchan Blood, who is required to show total honest with them and cannot be punished for it

Tsorov'ande Doon: The Seanchan term for men who can channel

Tsorovan'm'hael: In the Old tongue, "Storm Leader", a title assigned to Charl Gedwyn

Tuatha'an: The traveling people, a nomadic pacifistic people

Twisting the Wind:

Two Hares Leaping:

Two Horses Running:

Two Kings Came Hunting:

Two Maids at the Water's Edge: