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Da'concion: In the Old Tongue "The Chosen Ones", a Seanchan term for the Forsaken

Da'covale: One who is owned, a Seanchan slave


Da'shain: The Aiel in the Age of Legends when they followed the Way of the Leaf and served the Aes Sedai.

Daes Dae'mar: The Great Game, the manoevering that noble hoses do to promote their own interests.

Dahan: The ninth day of Saven, to celebrate the anniversary of the final victory in the Trolloc Wars and the liberation from the Shadow.

Dah'vol: One of the twelve primary bands in the social order of Trollocs. Its badge is a horned skull.


Damane: A woman who can channel, leased by an a'dam and controlled by a sul'dam

Dance of the Hawk and the Hummingbird, the:

Dancing Lass, The:

Dandelion in the Wind:

Danu: The thirteenth month of the year

Danshu: A feast or festival celebrated on the last day of Nesa

Darkfriends: People who have sworn allegiance to the Dark One

Darkhound:Shadowspawn in the form of dogs, created from the souls of wolves. Their bite can be fatal and many will no die for anything less than balefire.

Darling Sara:

Daryne: One of the Aiel Clans, led by Mandelain

Daughter Heir: The heir to the throne of Andor, the eldest daughter of the ruling queen

Daughters of Silence: A group fomred by tow former Accepted to teach women who could channel out of the White Tower.

Dawn Runners: The Rahien Sorei an Aiel Warrior Society

Day of Repentance: A holiday celebrated in Cairhien in winter

Deathwatch Guard: The imperial guard of the royal family

Dedicated: One of the levels of the Asha'man, equivalent to that of Accepted

Delving (Earth): The location of ores and their removal fm the ground with the One Power

Delving (Health): The ability to use the One Power to diagnose physical symptoms and conditions

Der'morat: A senior animal handler in Seanchan

Dhai'mon: One of the twelve primary bands in the social order of Trollocs. Its badge is an iron fist.

Dhallin Forest: A forest in Ghealdan that was a site of fighting during Logain's tenure as a False Dragon.

Dhjin'nen: One of the twelve primary bands in the social order of Trollocs. Its badge is a skull cloven by a sythe-curved sword.

D'jedit is the name Demandred gives to the combined 'rod' and 'cup' sa'angreal that he laters calls Sakarnen,

Do Miere A'vron: The watchers over the waves, a community in Falme who watched for the return of Hawkwing's army




Domani: A person from Arad Doman

Domination Band: A male a'dam made to control men who can channel by linking him to two women

Dove Takes Flight, the:

Dragon Reborn: The Dragon, Lews therin reborn according to prophecy to lead the world against the Dark One

Dragon's Fang: The male part of the ancient Aes Sedai symbol, used as a sign of evil.

Dragon's Peace:

Dragonsworn: People sworn to follow the Dragon Reborn

Drawing Water from the Well:

Dreadlord: During the trolloc wars, people with the ability to channel who fought for the forces of the Shadow

Dreamer: A person with the talent of dreaming who has prophetic dreams

Dreamspike: A ter'angreal, placed in tel'aran'rhiod that prevents travelling out of or into a region to people who do not have the key

Dreamwalker: A person with the talent of dreaming who can enter tel'aran'rhiod

Drunken Peddler, The:

Duadhe Mahdi'in: The Water Seekers, an Aiel Warrior Society

Dumai's Wells