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Pace: A unit of distance equivalent to three feet

Panarch: The female ruler of Tarabon

Paralis-net: A collection of ter'angreal worn as a hair ornament

Parting the Silk:

Pattern, the: The whole of existence, woven from the threads of lives by the Wheel of Time

Penny: A unit of currency. Ten copper pennies equals one silver penny

Pillow friend: Novices in the White Tower with a close, sexual relationship


Piri: A dice game

Plucking the Low-hanging Apple:


Portal Stone: An object that can be used by a person weilding the One Poer to travel to another stone, either on the same world, or on a different world

Pound: A unit of weight equivalent to ten ounces. Ten pounds makes one stone

Pretty Maids Dancing:

Proper Taming of Power, the:

Prophet, The: Masema Dagar, a man who insisted on loyalty to the Dragon Reborn and that nothing else was of value.