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Nachi: A multilegged animal found in tidal pools

Nae'blis: The person who will stand directly below the Dark One and rule the world, commanding all others

Nakai: One of the Aiel clans

Near Sister : Aiel term for a close friend, not considered a first sister, but a closer relationship than a normal friend

Nedar: A tusked pig in the drowned lands

Nemen, Feast of: A feast in the Borderlands and the west

Nesan: The twelfth month of the year

Night Spears: Cor Darei, an Aiel Warrior Society

Nightflower: A type of firework

Night's Shade:

Noble: A lord or lady, usually holder of lands. Depending on the nation, they may have other duties.

Nightrider: A name for a Myrddraal

Novice: The rank a girl or woman takes on entering the White Tower to learn to channel

Nym: A created species in the Age of Legends that helped seeds grow that would be free of blight