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Hadori: A thin braided cord worn by Malkieri men to tie their hair

Hailene: The Forerunners, the initial force of the Seanchan return

Half Moon, Feast of the: A Feast celebrated in Altara

Hall: The governing body of the Aes Sedai.

Hama N'dore: The Mountain Dancers, an Aiel Warrior Society

Hand: A rank of the Seanchan bureaucracy

Hand of the Light: The Questioners, an element within the Children of the Light dedicated to obtaining confessions

Hare Finds Its Hole:

Hawk Dives into the Brush:

Hawk Spots the Hare:

Head Clerk: The head of the Gray Ajah


Healing: The talent of healing injury or illness with the One Power

Heart: One of the cells of the Black ajah, comprised of three members, who each know the other members, plus one other


Heartfang: A name for the Dark One

Hearts of Flame:

Heartsbane: A name for the Dark One

Hero of the Horn: One of the people bound to the Horn of Valere

Heron in the Reeds:

Heron on the Stump:

Heron Snatches the Silverfish:

Heron Spreads Its Wings, the:

Heron Wading in the Rushes:

Herot's Crossing: The site of a battle during the fall of Malkier

Hide: A unit of measurement

High Chasaline: A feast considered a time of reflection

High Guard:

High Lord (Seanchan): One of the highest rank of the Blood outside of the Imperial Family

High Lord (Tear): One of the ruling lords of Tear

Highest: The title of the head of the Red Ajah

History of the Stone of Tear, the:

Hold: The equivalent of a village in the Aiel Waste

Horn of Valere: An object that is able to summon back the dead heroes from beyond the grave, to fight for whoever blew it

Hoverfly: A form of transport in the Age of Legends

Hundred Companions: The men who accompanied Lews Therin when he sealed the Dark One back in his prison

Hundredarms: A creature found in the Waterwood Pond

Hundredweight: A unit of measurement

Hummingbird Kisses the Honeyrose:

Hunter for the Horn: A person who has sworn the oath in the square of Tammaz to search for the Horn of Valere