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Lahpoint Hills: The site of a battle during the Buchaner Rebellion

Lamma Sor: The day of Remembrance, celebrated in the Borderlands

Lamplighters: People in the borderlands responsible for ensuring that the lamps do not go out, which would give Myrddraal easy access through shadows

Lance Captain: The leader of a noble's armed force

Lanterns, Festival of: A festival celebrated in the South

Larapelle: A battle during the Trolloc Wars

Last Battle: The prophesied final conflict between the Dragon Reborn and the forces of the Shadow

Last Hunt: The wolf term for the Last Battle

Last Stand at Mandenhar:

Lastriders: A military grouping in Saldaea

Leaf on the Breeze:

Leafblighter: The Dark One

League: A unit of measurement, equal to four miles

Legion of the Dragon: A military formation composed of men turned away from the Black Tower because they could not learn how to channel

Leopard in High Grass:

Leopard in the Tree:

Leopard's Caress:

Letter of Rights: The equivalent of paper money or a banker's cheque, used to move laarge sums of money from one place to another without physically carrying them

Lighteater: A name for the Dark One

Lightning of Three Prongs:

Lights, Feast of:

Lion on the Hill:

Lion Springs, the:

Listener: The Seanchan secret police

Listening to the Wind: A talent that allows a person to tell the weather

Lizard in the Thornbush:

Longing: the name give to the feeling an Ogier gets when they have been out of the stedding too ong and are at risk of becoming ill

Lopar: A large Seanchan exotic, often used as a bodyguard


Lost Ones: the aiel name for the Tua'athon, derrived from when they first broke away and refused to follow the Aes Sedai

Lotus Closes Its Blossom:

Low Chasaline: A day of fasting in most countries

Low Wind Rising:

Lugard Lace:

Lurk: A Myrddraal