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War of Power: The war that marked the end of the Age of Legends as the Dark One tried to break free

War of the Hundred Years: The war following the death of Artur Hawkwing as his empire fell apart.

War of the Second Dragon: The war marking the rise of Guaire Amalasan

War of the Shadow The war that marked the end of the Age of Legends as the Dark One tried to break free

Ward: A weave to protect or alert someone when the boundary is crossed

Warder: A person bound to an Aes Sedai who gains certain abilities from the bond.

Watchers over the Waves: A community in Falme that watched for the return of Artur Hawkwing's armies

Water: One of the five Powers, traditionally stronger in women

Water Flows Downhill:

Water Seekers: Duadhe Mahdi, one of the Aiel Warrior Society

Water Way: A philosophy of acceptance, followed by the Amayar

Watered Silk:

Wavemistress: The leader of one of the Sea Folk clans

Way of the Leaf: A pacifist philosophy, followed by the Aiel in the Age of Legends and the Tuatha'an since

Waygate: A portal into the Ways

Ways, The: Pathways, grown with the One Power from one Waygate to another

Weave: The art of manipulating the One Power

Web of Destiny: The Pattern

Well: A ter'angreal that is able to hold a small amount of the Power such that a person can channel when otherwise not able

What He Said to Me:

Wheel of Time: The seven ages, constantly repeating and driving the weaving of the Pattern

Whirlwind on the Mountain:

White Ajah: One of the seven groupings of the Aes Sedai, dedicated to logic

White Fennel:

White Lions:

White Ribbon:

Whitecloak War: A conflict beginning in 975NE between the Children of the Light and Altara, Illian and Murandy

Whitecloaks: An military formation dedicated to opposing Darkfriends

Wilder: A woman who has learned to channel outside the White Tower, or without instruction

Will You Dance With Me:


Wind and Rain:

Wind Blows Over the Wall, the:

Wind from the North, the:

Wind That Shakes the Willow, the:

Windfinder: A Sea Folk woman able to channel who manipulates the weather to favour travel and shipping

Winged Guard: The military formation of Mayene

Winternight: The night before Beltine celebrating the end of winter

Wisdom: A woman in many villages who deals in cures and leads the women's Circle

Wise One: A woman among the Aiel who acts as an advisor to chiefs and is trained in healing. Many, though not all, can channel

Wise Woman: A healer in many towns and villages

Wood Grouse Dances:

Woodsman Strips the Branch:

Woodsman Tops the Sapling:

Wolfbrother: A man who has a connection with wolves and is able to enter the wolfdream through it

Wolfdream: Tel'aran'rhiod from the perspective of wolves

Women's Circle: The female equivalent of the Town Council in many villages, with responsibility for affairs considered women's matters

Worrynot Root: