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  • Aiel and guests are served small cups of wine and larger cups of water (TSR, Ch. 23)
  • motai was a kind of grub found in the waste, quite sweet and crunchy (LoC, Ch. 52)
  • tea made from timsin root and silverleaf is used for headaches (TSR, Ch. 34)
  • dark, spicy stew of goat with chopped peppers, peas, and squash (TSR, Ch. 49)
  • crumbly coarse yellow bread (corn bread?) (TSR, Ch. 49)
  • long, bright red beans mixed in with the green (TSR, Ch. 49)
  • dish of bright yellow kernels, zemai, and bits of pulpy red, timat. (corn and tomatoes?) (TSR, Ch. 49)
  • sweet bulbous fruit with a tough greenish skin from leafless, spiny plants; kardon (TSR, Ch. 49)

AltaraEbou Dar, Jurador

  • honey glazed chicken (WH, Ch. 28)
  • hot fish stew (WH, Ch. 30)
  • meat pies with beef (KoD, Ch. 6)
  • canned food; i.e. candied figs, potted finches, creamed onions (KoD, Ch. 9)
  • stringy mutton with peas that were dried and turnips that sat too long. Pepper sauce for the mutton and pine nuts for the peas, both to add flavor. Typical spring meal (KoD, Ch. 9)
  • white porridge for breakfast (ACoS, Ch. 23; WH, Ch. 19)
  • potatoes, turnips, dried beans, peppers; all found in the cellar of an inn (WH, Ch. 19)
  • cold breakfast of bread, ham and yellow cheese (WH, Ch. 30)




  • stew of dried plums with pieces or pork in a “grainy mush” (given to Elayne during pregnancy) (CoT, Ch. 13)
  • In military camp, beef boiled in cookpots (CoT, Ch. 15)
  • dried apples mixed in a bowl of herbs; sliced burdock root, black haw, cramp bark, dandelion, nettle leaf, and touch of oil (KoD, Ch. 15)
  • kid simmered in bland broth (KoD, Ch. 15)
  • dried beans (KoD, Ch. 15)
  • tiny strawberries (KoD, Ch. 17)
  • stew with fatty mutton (KoD, Ch. 17)
  • small grilled pond trout, cabbage rolls stuffed with crumbly white ewe's milk cheese, broad beans with pine nuts, tangy apple tart (KoD, Ch. 35)
  • cured hams and smoked fish (used as food stores) (WH, Ch. 8)
  • sliced saddle of mutton with mustard sauce, capon roasted with dried figs, sweetbread with pine nuts, leek and potato soup, cabbage rolls wit raisins and peppers, squash pie, apple tarts, tipsy cake topped with clotted cream, plain broth and bread (WH, Ch. 9)
  • breakfast of cured ham with raisins, eggs cooked with dried plums, dried fish prepared with pine nuts, fresh bread and butter, tea with honey and a hot porridge of grains and herbs (WH, Ch. 26)
  • warm bread, butter and honey (WH, Ch. 26)
  • hot porridge (WH, Ch. 26)

Two Rivers


  • beef roast seasoned with a sweet spice called arrath (TDR, Ch. 45)



  • turnips, peas and a roast cooked with skin on (TGH, Ch. 10)
  • pork (crispy on the outside, soft on the inside) cut into small pieces, long strings of yellow peppers and peas in a clear thick sauce (TGH, Ch. 21)
  • meals of lamb, peas, squash, carrots, cabbage and bread rolls (TGH, Ch. 31)
  • porridge (LoC, Ch. 15)
  • honey-bread, cheese and fruit (LoC, Ch. 24)
  • fig sauce made from dried figs (CoT, Prologue)


  • red striped fish, lightly spiced and a platter of white and yellow cheese (TDR, Ch. 42)

Plains of MaredoFar Madding, Maerone

  • fish and mutton with mulled wine (WH, Ch. 32)
  • brown crusted meat pie cooked on a charcoal grill with mutton (WH, Ch. 33)
  • fried fish (WH, Ch. 33)
  • twisted paper cones filled with roasted peas (WH, Ch. 33)
  • bread baking on coal, meat roasting on spits (LoC, Ch. 4)
  • mutton stew, round loaf of bread and a pitcher of mint tea (LoC, Ch. 4)
  • mutton, turnips and spicy barley soup (LoC, Ch. 5)

Tarabon - Tanchico

  • plate of roast lamb with spiced apple jelly, some sort of long yellowish beans prepared with pine nuts (TSR, Ch. 39)
  • lamb with honey sauce and glazed apples (TSR, Ch. 51)
  • Served in the Domani style; many bowls each filled with slices and tiny slivers of meat and vegetables, some in sauces dark and pale* eaten with sursa (chopsticks?) (TSR, Ch. 51)

Tar Valon

  • Slices of roast beef with brown mustard and horseradish. Roasted potatoes, sweet beans with onions, cabbage and butter peas. Pickles and a wedge of yellow cheese. Thick slices of crusty bread and a dish of butter. Pitcher of milk and a pitcher of spiced wine (TDR, Ch. 19)
  • Apple pie and milk (TDR, Ch. 19)
  • ham turnips and pears (TDR, Ch. 24)
  • ham, apples and bread and butter (TDR, Ch. 28)
  • chickens with crisp brown skin (TDR, Ch. 31)


  • silver goblets and spice jars stood next to two pitchers. One full of wine, rested in a bowl of ice brought all the way from the Spine of the World packed in sawdust (TSR, Ch. 6)
  • Fish stew (TDR, Ch. 49)
  • fish smells from the kitchen, baking and perhaps stewing, and the scent of roast mutton (TDR, Ch. 50)


The following references are kind of vague in the book. They occur while Rand is running toward Tear and Moiraine and co. follow. Jarra and Remen are the two cities mentioned. I believe they are in southern Ghealdan and northern Altara.


  • Smells of sweet wine and spice cakes (TDR, Ch. 8)
  • Roasted mutton, ale, wine and cheese (TDR, Ch. 8)
  • tray of roasted mutton, sweetbeans, turnips, and freshly baked bread (TDR, Ch. 9)
  • mutton, lamb, chicken, beef, some vegetables and a spicy cake (TDR, Ch. 33).
  • a spit dog turned a haunch of lamb, a large piece of beef, five chickens and a goose (TDR, Ch. 35).


Salidar Aes Sedai camp

  • warm milk with honey and spices was sovereign for settling a nervous stomach (LoC, Ch. 36)
  • spiced wine, bitter from reheating (CoT, Ch. 20)
  • smells of mutton stew and roast pig come from the kitchen (LoC, Ch. 13)
  • two pitiful apples a bit of goat cheese and a heel of bread (LoC, Ch. 13)
  • hot stew and warm bread (LoC, Ch. 51)
  • lentil stew with carrots (CoT, Ch. 20)
  • lentil stew, blue veined cheese, olives and crusty brown rolls (CoT, Ch. 20)
  • lentil stew with slivers of tough turnips, woody carrots, and bits of something that could have been goat (CoT, Ch. 30)

Perrin's camp in Amadicia

  • soup, bread and smoked ham (WH, Ch. 2)
  • porridge or dried beans supplemented by hunting game like venison, rabbit, partridges and wood hens (CoT, Ch. 5)
  • roasted woodhen as large as a fair sized chicken with crispy brown skin, bread (CoT, Ch. 6)
  • mutton stew (WH, Ch. 5)

Shaido camp in Amadicia

Mat's camp

  • lamb and soup, dried meat, hard cakes of flatbread, pickled quail eggs, smoked tongue, potted larks, kippered eel (LoC, Ch. 47)

Miscellaneous references