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Positions in the Department of Research and Records. For the amount of time people have spent in positions in the Department, see Department of Research and Records (Time Served).


Current Staff


Main article: Director of Research and Records


Main article: Headteacher


Tower Historian
Main article: Tower Historian
Events Historian
Main article: Events Historian
Awards Historian
Main article: Awards Historian
  • Vacant
Media Historian
Main article: Media Historian
Main article: Editor

Unofficial Positions
Any member of the community may request a Library account and edit Library articles as an unofficial Library editor. They will be expected to fix links, grammar, and spelling, or look for mistakes in current articles on their own time and not on predetermined projects like the Editors.

Main article: Library Editors

Former Staff


* This position was once known as "Librarian".


Annual Report Project Manager
Survey Project Manager

* This position was once a part of the Department of Administration.


Assistant to the Director

* This position was once known as "Assistant Librarian".


* This position was known as "Classroom Assistant" prior to October 2007

*1 This position became an Admin level position on April 17, 2012

Tower Historian
Events Historian
Awards Historian
Survey Team
Forum Moderators

Moderation was traditionally by the Director and Assistant. Currently, they moderate in conjunction with moderators from the Department of Moderators. There have been moderators outside this structure.

Research Assistants