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This page is for TarValon.Net Heads of Ajah, for Heads of Ajah in the books see Head of Ajah.


The Head of Ajah is an Admin position in the Department of Membership. They are the membership administrator for all Aes Sedai of the Ajah. The Head of Ajah watches over the Aes Sedai, guides them, deals with administrative issues with them, keeps track of them, and settles any disputes while encouraging them to remain active and involved in the Community at large.

Department: Department of Membership

Position Level: Administrator

Rotation: 18 month rotation

Merit Eligibility: Administrator Merit


To contact the Heads of Ajah, email:

Chain of Command

The Heads of Ajah report directly to the Director of Membership.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Facilitates the guesting experience of all Accepted and Soldiers, both those visiting as well as those who have chosen to aspire to the Ajah.
  • Decides when an Aspirant is ready for raising to become a full member of the Ajah.
  • Keep their portion of the Membership Spreadsheet up to date.
  • Maintains contact information for the members of the Ajah.
  • Updates the Who's Who for members of the Ajah, or delegates as needed.
  • Selects Ajah positions such as Heart and Council Representatives.
  • Any other duties related to the Ajah not included above.


What is needed in a Head of Ajah:

  • The Head of Ajah should have a voice in the departmental discussions
  • They need to work together with the other Membership Administrators as a team for the good of the people they represent and the Tower as a whole
  • They will have the power to solve problems, but they need to have the will to do it
  • They should feel comfortable asking other Membership Administrators for help, and have the confidence of knowing that the Director of Membership is there to support them
  • They are required to care about their people's needs, help take care of them, be present, care about the Tower as a whole, and have fun.

Time Commitment

  • Must be able to dedicate at least 10-15 hours per week to the position though this number varies depending on what's going on at the time.
  • Must be willing to serve in the role for a full 18 month term.


  • Must be an Aes Sedai of at least 6 months or very good standing within the Ajah.
  • Must be organized, active, and have strong leadership and team-building skills.
  • Must be extremely knowledgeable about our Bylaws, the Membership Manual, the administrative structure, and how our Community operates.
  • Must be able to use tact, diplomacy, and discretion, as the role be privy to information that normal members are not.


Heads of Ajah were one of the first official positions at TarValon.Net. At the beginning, Eleyan Teyal Al'Landerin held several of the roles under other pseudonyms. On September 13, 2002, when Lailauni al'Dager was raised to Head of the Gray Ajah this was the first time all Ajahs had a representative of their own group. Until June 2006, when the role of Director of Membership was created, Heads of Ajah reported directly to the Keeper. Around the same time the guesting system was put in place and the duty of facilitating Accepted guesting in the Ajah was added to the role.

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