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Elmindreda Farshaw
Nationality Andor
Social Status
First Appearance The Eye of the World, Chapter 14

Author: Atarah al'Norahn

Min, born with the name Elmindreda Farshaw, was born in Baerlon, Andor. She has the ability to see auras around people that tell glimpses of their future, an ability which Moiraine has used on several occasions including when she and the Two Rivers folk visit Baerlon on their run from Trollocs.


Min was named after a woman in a story who spent her time sighing over men (TSR, Ch. 1), which is part of the reason why she hates her real name. Not too much is known about Min's family. She has three aunts, Jan, Rana, and Miren, who have given her advice about men (ACoS, Ch. 19). Her father died when she was younger (LoC, Ch. 41). She has no sisters (TFoH, Ch. 50), and we know nothing of her mother.

Min falls in love with the Dragon Reborn, becomes his lover, and is fiercely loyal to him. She has seen herself falling in love with him the first time she saw him and knew what it meant.


Min prefers to dress as a tomboy, dressing her slender form in breeches and shirts rather than dresses. She is a little taller than Moiraine, with short, brown hair and large, dark eyes (TEotW, Ch. 14; Ch. 15). When she was twenty years of age, Min had an incident in The Miners' Rest, an inn that she worked at, and vowed never to wear a dress again (LoC, Ch. 41).


Min loves to tease, and can be a very light-hearted and easygoing person at times. Like many of the female characters in "The Wheel of Time," she also has a stubborn streak a mile wide.

Condensed Timeline

This section contains spoilers relating to the whole series. Please expand to view.

Min's Journey

The Eye of the World

On her way to the Two Rivers, Moiraine meets Min at the Stag and Lion in Baerlon and learns about Min's ability to view things (TEotW, Ch. 15). On her way back through Baerlon with Lan, Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, and Thom, Moiraine speaks with Min again (TEotW, Ch. 14). Min meets Rand and tells him about her ability to view the Pattern; she also tells him that she knows she and Rand will meet again (TEotW, Ch. 15). When Nynaeve unexpectedly arrives, searching for the runaway Two Rivers folk, Min urgently pulls Rand aside to tell him that Nynaeve is somehow connected to whatever it is the others are doing (TEotW, Ch. 16).

The Great Hunt

Moiraine sends a letter to Min, requesting that she go to the White Tower so the Aes Sedai can study her ability to view the Pattern. Min goes even though she does not wish to. While in the Tower, she becomes friends with Elayne, Egwene, and Nynaeve (TGH, Ch. 24; TGH, Ch. 28). On one occasion while in the Tower, Min is questioned by Elaida about Moiraine and Rand, although Min does not know how Elaida knows of her connection to them (TGH, Ch. 24).

While Min, Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve are all in Egwene's room one day, Min has a viewing that the other girls will soon be in danger. Liandrin arrives and sends Elayne and Min out of the room; they go next door and listen through a small hole in the wall while Liandrin tells Egwene and Nyaneve that they must go with her to Toman Head in order to help Rand, Mat, and Perrin. When Liandrin leaves, Min and Elayne return to Egwene’s room and announce that they are going to go as well (TGH, Ch. 38). The four women sneak out of the Tower to meet Liandrin, and while Liandrin is at first angry that Min and Elayne know about the journey, they all proceed to take the Ways to Toman Head (TGH, Ch. 39).

Once they have reached Toman Head, it is revealed that Liandrin has betrayed them to Suroth and the Seanchan. Nynaeve escapes and Min is able to help Elayne free herself from a soldier who has seized her; however, Egwene and Min herself are captured. Min is about to be killed as she is of no use to Suroth, but Egwene begs for Min’s life, promising to obey and not to fight if Min’s life is spared (TGH, Ch. 40). Min and Egwene are taken to Falme, where Min is given a small room to stay in and is allowed to visit Egwene once a week (TGH, Ch. 42).

Min meets Bayle Domon and begins trying to convince him to risk escaping Seanchan-held territory with Min and Egwene onboard. However, she does not know how to free Egwene in the first place. Egwene tells Min to escape on Domon’s ship alone, if she can, but Min refuses to leave her friend behind (TGH, Ch. 42).

Min is reunited with Nynaeve and Elayne when they stumble upon each other in the streets of Falme. They are all determined to free Egwene. Min brings them to Domon, and Nynaeve convinces him that with three channellers aboard, he can manage to get out of Falme without the Seanchan stopping him (TGH, Ch. 43). Min, Elayne, and Nynaeve proceed to come up with a plan to rescue Egwene. They attack a Seta, a sul'dam, and her damane in order to obtain an a'dam and a sul'dam’s dress. They discover that sul'dam can be leashed as well, and so decide that Nynaeve will disguise herself as a sul'dam and that Seta will be her damane (TGH, Ch. 45). Thus disguised, they sneak into the house where the damane are held, find Egwene, and release her from her a’dam. They are able to get out of the house, but when they see a group of Seanchan soldiers, Egwene is afraid that she will be collared again and lashes out with the One Power (TGH, Ch. 46).

In the resulting pandemonium, the four women are once again separated temporarily (TGH, Ch. 46). Min watches as Domon’s ship sets sail without them. She can feel herself being drawn somewhere, and finds Rand lying unconscious in the city. She manages to drag him inside a nearby house and get him into a bed, and then curls up next to him. Egwene finds them there, having also been drawn towards Rand, and warns Min that Rand isn’t safe for any woman to be involved with romantically. Min tells her to “Speak for yourself.” Egwene goes to get Nynaeve to Heal Rand, and while Min and Rand are alone, Lanfear appears and claims Rand before disappearing (TGH, Ch. 48).

Min is among those who get Rand out of Falme, and is there when he wakes up five days outside of the city (TGH, Ch. 49).

The Dragon Reborn

After Rand’s battle with Ba’alzamon at Falme, a group of those loyal to Rand make camp in the Mountains of Mist. Min is among them (TDR, Ch. 1; TDR, Ch. 2). She is disgruntled at being caught up in the web of a ta'vern but doesn’t want to leave Rand. During this time, she and Perrin become friends (TDR, Ch. 2; TDR, Ch. 3).

When Rand disappears to go to Tear on his own, Moiraine sends Min back to the White Tower with a message for Siuan (TDR, Ch. 6).

The Shadow Rising

This section contains spoilers relating to The Shadow Rising. Please expand to view.

Min arrives back at the White Tower and, in order to get an audience with Siuan, she pretends to be a woman who is seeking to petition the Amyrlin. Before reaching Siuan, she has a number of viewings that speak of death, indicating that something bad will happen in the Tower. She warns Siuan about the viewings and delivers her message about Rand, planning to leave when she is done, but Siuan decides to enlist Min’s help in hunting the Black Ajah. To keep anyone from recognizing her, Siuan decides that Min is to use her full name of Elmindreda and disguise herself as a “fluttery young woman” who has sought sanctuary at the White Tower while she chooses between two suitors (TSR, Ch. 1). Min very quickly grows tired of acting the part of Elmindreda, but when she tries to convince Siuan to let her go to Rand, Siuan is insistent that Min’s viewings will eventually lead her to the Black Ajah (TSR, Ch. 17).

When Min goes into the city to buy silk for a new dress, in keeping with Elmindreda’s character, she returns to find that Siuan has been very suddenly deposed and that there is fighting within the White Tower. She runs into Gawyn, who tells her to leave the Tower grounds for her own safety. Instead, she hides until the fighting goes down, and then with Laras’s help manages to break Siuan and Leane out of the cells in which they have been imprisoned. Gawyn catches them as they are trying to escape the Tower grounds, but Min talks him into letting them go and Gawyn helps them get through the Alindrelle Gates. As the three women are leaving the city, they come across Logain, and Siuan convinces him to join them in mounting a resistance against Elaida (TSR, Ch. 47).

The Fires of Heaven

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Following their escape from Tar Valon, Min, Siuan, Leane, and Logain search for information on where they might find the rebel Aes Sedai. They are all using pseudonyms—Min’s being “Serenla,” which means “stubborn daughter.” One night, they sleep in Admer Nem’s barn and accidentally burn it down; while Logain escapes, Min, Siuan, and Leane are captured. Bryne, the local lord, sentences them to work off their debt in his service. They swear binding oaths to serve him in order to avoid being guarded at all times; although Min is loathe to do so as she wants to return to Rand as soon as possible, she is still shocked to learn that Siuan and Leane mean to break their oaths and escape once they have the opportunity. As they are being transported to Bryne’s manor, Logain helps them escape (TFoH, Ch. 1).

In their search for the rebel Aes Sedai, Min, Siuan, Leane, and Logain arrive in Lugard. They visit an inn named the Nine Horse Hitch, which is owned by Duranda Tharne, one of the Blue Ajah’s eyes-and-ears. There, Siuan learns that the rebels are gathering in Saidar (TFoH, Ch. 11). They travel for another fifteen days, with Siuan being very secretive about where they are going. Min frequently takes mental notes on Leane’s behaviour; Leane has been practicing flirting with men as a way to distract herself from the loss of saidar, and Min hopes she can use some of it on Rand (TFoH, Ch. 26).

Finally, they arrive in Salidar and are greeted by Sheriam, Carlinya, Myrelle, and Anaiya. The Aes Sedai recognize Min and Logain, but not Siuan and Leane. They assume that it was Min’s idea to bring Logain to Salidar, and want to know why; they are not exactly pleased. Min tells them in exasperation that they should ask Siuan, stunning the Aes Sedai. When the Aes Sedai take Siuan and Leane aside for further discussion, Min wonders if she can escape. She worries that she will be kept in Salidar if the rebel Aes Sedai learn about her viewings, and she still wants to return to Rand (TFoH, Ch. 26).

When Bryne finally tracks Min, Siuan, and Leane to Salidar, the rebel Aes Sedai agree that the three women must pay off their debt to him. Siuan and Leane will work for him whenever the Aes Sedai do not need them, but Min is assigned to work for him all the time (TFoH, Ch. 28). Siuan often gets Min to do her share of Bryne’s chores (TFoH, Ch. 28; TFoH, Ch. 50).

When Elayne and Nynaeve arrive in Salidar, Min is delighted to see them. Min and Elayne talk about Rand. Elayne asks about Min’s viewing that she will have to share Rand. Min reveals that there will be three women who have to share Rand, and that Elayne and Min are two of them, although she does not know who the third is. They agree that they will “work it out somehow.” Elayne then helps Min do Bryne’s laundry while Min fills her in on everything that has been happening in Salidar (TFoH, Ch. 50).

Lord of Chaos

This section contains spoilers relating to Lord of Chaos. Please expand to view.

Min goes with the rebel Aes Sedai embassy to Rand in Caemlyn. Siuan wants Min to spy on him, but Min has no intention of doing so. Elayne and Min talk before the embassy leaves; Elayne is jealous that Min will be close to Rand, and Min appears to feel guilty about it. Although neither woman knows what they are going to do about Rand, they reaffirm their friendship and Min agrees to carry a letter from Elayne to Rand (LoC, Prologue).

The embassy arrives at The Crown of Roses inn in Caemlyn. Merana intends to send Min and two Warders to let Rand know of the embassy’s presence, but Min sneaks away early so she can go alone. When Min first sees Rand, there is “an aura of yellow and brown and purple that made her stomach clench,” and she knows that he is going to be hurt by women who can channel. Rand greets her with joy, picking her up and swinging her around, before they go to Rand’s sitting room to catch up. Min gives Rand Elayne’s letter, and Rand confesses that he feels a great deal of confusion regarding both Elayne and Aviendha, the latter of whom Min has yet to meet. When Min is offended that Rand is talking to her about other women, he protests that Min is his friend and that he doesn’t think of her as a woman, which hurts Min more. She decides to exact her revenge by convincing him that she is, in fact, a woman, and proceeds to sit on his lap. She tells him about the embassy from Salidar and assures him that she is on his side and won’t tell the Aes Sedai anything he doesn’t want her to. While Min and Rand are talking, Melaine arrives and Min accidentally reveals that she will have twin daughters. Rand prompts Min to tell Melaine about her ability, and they quickly become friends. The three of them discuss the embassy (LoC, Ch. 41).

Later, when Merana, Seonid, and Masuri go to see Rand for the first time, Min goes with them. Merana suspects that Min has told Rand things she was not supposed to (LoC, Ch. 43). Following this meeting, Min continues to visit Rand at the palace. In keeping with her promise of obtaining revenge for his earlier comments, she frequently sits on his lap, lightly kisses him goodbye every time she leaves, and once even barges in on him when he is in the bath. She is completely loyal to him, however, and reads viewings whenever he asks (LoC, Ch. 46).

When Perrin and Faile arrive at the Royal Palace in Caemlyn, Min is there and Perrin is happy to see her. Faile is at first jealous, until she realizes that Min is in love with Rand (LoC, Ch. 45). Later, Min tells Rand that she has had a viewing concerning him and Perrin: Perrin will need to be there twice for Rand or bad things will happen (LoC, Ch. 46).

When Min learns that seven of the rebel Aes Sedai are on their way to see Rand, in contravention of his rules that only three may come at a time, Min rushes to tell Rand. Min is not sure whether or not this has to do with her viewing that he will be hurt by women who can channel, but she is terrified in case it does. Rand asks her to stay behind while he goes to hold an audience with the Aes Sedai, as he does not want her position with the rebels to be compromised. However, she sneaks out and spies on the meeting. Later, she returns to The Crown of Roses, only to learn that Bera Harkin and Kiruna Nachiman have arrived in Caemlyn and that there are now thirteen Aes Sedai in the city. She goes back to tell Rand, and also tells him that furthermore, there is an aura around Bera and Kiruna that speaks of “Blood, death, the One Power, those two women and you, all in the same place at the same time.” Rand decides to leave for Cairhien, and takes Min with him (LoC, Ch. 49).

In Cairhien, Min splits her time between Rand and the Wise Ones. She goes with Rand when he visits Herid Fel, and attends audiences in order to view the nobles (LoC, Ch. 50).

When Rand holds his audience with Coiren, he is angry that Min seems to have disappeared despite promising she would be there (LoC, Ch. 51). As it turns out, she has been kidnapped by the White Tower Aes Sedai (LoC, Ch. 53), who then proceed to kidnap Rand (LoC, Ch. 51). Galina tries to convince Min to cooperate with them, but Min refuses. Rand learns that Min has also been kidnapped when one of the Warders lets her walk outside one night. Rand goes crazy at seeing her captive and kills two of Erian’s Warders. Both Min and Rand are punished numerous times by the Aes Sedai, and Galina thinks to herself that they can punish Min in order to force Rand to obey them (LoC, Ch. 53). When Rand finally manages to free himself, bursting out of the chest he has been locked in, he is terrified that he has killed Min, who he finds lying on the ground nearby. When he reaches her, however, she is alive. He unties her and Min stays very close to him throughout the rest of the ordeal at Dumai's Wells (LoC, Ch. 55).

A Crown of Swords

This section contains spoilers relating to A Crown of Swords. Please expand to view.

Min allows one of the rebel Aes Sedai to Heal her after the battle at Dumai’s Well is over and continues to stay close to Rand (ACoS, Ch. 2. Min goes with Rand and the others back to Cairhien (ACoS, Ch. 3) and is with him when he confronts Colavaere on the Sun Throne for her betrayal of him (ACoS, Ch. 5).

Min goes to see Colavaere; having previously had a viewing that Colavaere would die by hanging, she hopes that this fate has now been avoided through Rand’s choice to banish rather than execute her. Although Min knows that her viewings always come true, she thinks that possibly Rand, as a ta’veren, has been able to alter the Pattern itself. In Colavaere’s rooms, she finds that the Cairhienin woman has dressed herself in her finery and hung herself from the bedpost. She goes to see Rand for comfort, only to find out from Rand that Herid Fel has also been found dead, likely killed by a Shadowspawn in order keep Fel from revealing something he has learned to Rand. With both of them seeking comfort, Min asks Rand to kiss her for real. They spend the night together, although Rand is at first resistant (ACoS, Ch. 19).

After their night together, Rand descends into a spiral of guilt, thinking that he’s taken advantage of Min and forced himself on her. He refuses to leave his rooms for days and orders the Maidens to deny entry to everyone. Min finally convinces Nandera to let her in to see Rand despite his orders. When he apologies to her and she realizes why he has shut everyone out, she angrily points out that she was as much a participant as he was. He insists that he must send her away so as not to put her in danger, either from himself or from those who would use her to get at him, but she will not allow it. They both confess their love for each other, and when Rand goes on to say that he loves Elayne and Aviendha as well, Min points out that a number of Aiel men have more than one wife (ACoS, Ch. 33).

When Rand, having emerged from his self-isolation, goes to speak with the Sea Folk, Min watches him get ready and attends the meeting with him (ACoS, Ch. 33; ACoS, Ch. 34). Following this, Rand and Min go to back to the Sun Palace. While Min ruminates on the fact that she hasn’t told Rand one of her viewings of him—that “he would almost certainly fail without a woman who was dead and gone”—Rand disguises himself in plain clothes and prepares to visit the Cairhienin and Tairen rebels camped outside of the city. He plans to leave behind the Asha’man, Aes Sedai, and Maidens, taking only Min with him. He hopes that his ta’veren effect will bring the rebels to his cause without them even knowing who he is. They travel to the rebel camp, and although Caraline Damodred recognizes Rand, she hides his identity from the others by claiming that Rand is her cousin, Tomas Trakand, and that Min is his wife, Jaisi (ACoS, Ch. 35).

When Padan Fain attacks Rand while the rebel camp is trying to escape a bubble of evil, Min screams a warning. Min cries and holds Rand after he is cut by Fain’s dagger and begins to die, but lets go to allow Samitsu to attempt Healing him. Even with the Healing, Samitsu thinks that Rand will die. Along with Cadsuane, Samitsu, Niande, Caraline, and Darlin, Min helps to get an unconscious Rand back to the Sun Palace. On the way, Cadsuane questions Min about Rand. After Flinn is able to Heal Rand’s wound a little further, Min climbs into bed with Rand and is determined to protect him in any way she can (ACoS, Ch. 36).

When Rand awakens two days later, Min is with him. When he decides, despite his weakness from Healing, that he is going to Illian to kill Sammael, Min helps him by distracting the Maidens so that they won’t stop him or accompany him (ACoS, Ch. 37).

The Path of Daggers

This section contains spoilers relating to The Path of Daggers. Please expand to view.

While Rand is off in Illian and Tear, Sorilea questions Min relentlessly both about herself and about Rand. Rand writes to her twice, but only very brief notes that do little more than warn her not to trust anyone. Min’s influence has begun to grow in the city; Dobraine has jokingly taken to calling her “My Lady Ta'veren” because other women have begun to dress like her (TPoD, Ch. 27).

When Rand finally returns to the Sun Palace, Min is very annoyed with him for his lack of communication. While Rand and Min are about to spend some time alone together, Somara, Nesair, and Nandera enter the room and proceed to punish Rand for going to Illian without bringing Maidens with him: he has dishonoured the Maidens and broken his promise to allow them to fight for him. When Min tries to intervene, Nandera kicks her in the stomach. After the Maidens leave, Min wants to go to Rhuarc or Sorilea about what has happened. However, Rand tells her that the Maidens had the right to do what they did (TPoD, Ch. 27).

When Rand learns that Elayne has taken down all of the Dragon banners in Caemlyn, he is upset, thinking that this means Elayne doesn’t want to see him. Min knows otherwise and tries to convince him to go see her (TPoD, Ch. 29).

When Dashiva, Gedwyn, and Rochaid try to kill Rand, destroying parts of the Sun Palace in the process, Rand orders Fedwin Morr to protect Min. While Rand is gone, searching for the assassins, Morr’s madness progresses to the point that he becomes like a small child. Min has to talk Morr out of accidentally using the One Power in a dangerous way, and Min is horrified and saddened at what has happened to him. She tries hard not to cry when Rand gives Morr a poisoned cup of wine. She tries to convince Rand that he’s allowed to cry (TPoD, Ch. 29).

Winter's Heart

This section contains spoilers relating to Winter's Heart. Please expand to view.

Following the attack at the Sun Palace, Rand tells Min that he plans to cleanse saidin (WH, Prologue).

Min and Rand go to Caemlyn. Rand wishes only to find Nynaeve and Mat, but Min tries to convince him that he needs to see Elayne and Aviendha as well. When he refuses, Min goes to see Elayne and Aviendha herself. Together, the three women concoct a plan to bond Rand as their Warder and then confront Rand. Rand finally confesses his love to all three of them, and they all tell him that they love him as well. They ask his permission to bond him, and when Rand tells them that Alanna has already done so without his consent, they are all furious with her. Rand is concerned about the effects that his death will have on them, but eventually agrees. Elayne and Aviendha link and are able to weave the Warder bond to include Min. When it is done, and Min can feel Rand in her head, she is astonished and horrified at the amount of pain he is in (WH, Ch. 12).

After the bonding, Min and Aviendha leave Rand and Elayne alone together. Min and Aviendha intend to get to know each other, having never met before. Min has noticed that she and Aviendha appear to think alike, but while both women are more or less okay sharing Rand with Elayne, they are much less sure about each other. Slowly, however, they begin to make a little bit of headway. When Min finds out that she is unable to mask the bond, meaning that she cannot hide from what Rand and Elayne are doing, Aviendha take sympathy on her. They spend the night drinking with Birgitte (WH, Ch. 12).

Min goes with Rand to Far Madding, where he plans to hunt the Asha’man who tried to kill him (WH, Ch. 22). There, Rand and Min pretend to be he husband and wife due to Far Madding’s customs concerning gender relations. Min, Nynaeve, Alivia, and Lan help Rand try to locate Kisman, Torval, and Gedwyn, but Min and Nynaeve eventually lose enthusiasm for the search as they think the Asha’man have left the city. One day while in Far Madding, after Cadsuane has arrived, Min, Nynaeve, and Alivia go out riding with her. Min, Nynaeve, and Alivia hope they can help bridge the gap between Rand and Cadsuane and thus help Rand (WH, Ch. 32).

When Rand, Nynaeve, and Lan plan to out to kill Torval and Gedwyn, Min tries to convince them that it’s a bad idea. She stays behind with Alivia, and then convinces Alivia that they should go to Cadsuane (WH, Ch. 33). When Rand’s plan ends with him and Lan captured and held prisoner by the Counsels of Far Madding, Min goes with Cadsuane to free him, giving updates on Rand’s status as felt through the bond (WH, Ch. 34).

While Rand is cleansing saidin of the taint, Min is able to let Cadsuane know how Rand is doing. To protect Min and to keep her from going to Rand, to whom she would be a distraction, Cadsuane has Min’s knives taken away and has her watched by Tomas and Moad. When Rand is done and is lying unconscious in the aftermath, Min curls up beside him (WH, Ch. 35).

Crossroads of Twilight

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Min is with Rand while he recuperates at Algarin’s manor in Tear after cleansing saidin (CoT, Ch. 23; CoT, Ch. 24). She is present when Loial arrives and greets him happily. She does not, however, wish to be present while Rand meets with Logain, and so goes to read Herid Fel’s books instead (CoT, Ch. 24).

Knife of Dreams

This section contains spoilers relating to Knife of Dreams. Please expand to view.

Still in Tear, Min sits reading while Rand and Loial converse about Rand’s recent activities and while Logain delivers news on Andor and the Asha’man. When Rand reveals his plans for making truce with the Seanchan, Min is upset at his pronouncement that the truce will only need to last until he dies. She insists that she, Elayne, and Aviendha will not let Rand die (KoD, Ch. 18).

When Algarin’s estate is attacked by Trollocs, Min is with Rand, along with Cadsuane, Logain, and others. When Cadsuane threatens Min in order to find out how Rand is doing after the battle, Rand tells Cadsuane that she’d better not threaten Min again. He can feel through the bond that Min is displeased, and Cadsuane points out to Rand that Min might not want him to fight her battles for her (KoD, Ch. 19).

While Rand is surveying the damage following the Trolloc attack, Min tells Rand her viewings aren't infallible as she was wrong about Moiraine (KoD, Ch. 19}). When Bashere arrives with news that Tuon has agreed to a meeting with Rand and will allow him to bring 5 channelers and 1 non-channeler, Min wants to be the non-channeler, although Rand is worried about her safety (KoD, Ch. 20).

She goes to Tear with Rand (KoD, Ch. 21) and while there, Min and Caraline talk. When Rand names Darlin King of Tear, Min jokes that she can tell Darlin how the crown should look, as she has previously had a viewing of him wearing a crown (KoD, Ch. 21).

Rand finally agrees to bring Min with him to the meeting with Tuon, but in fact it turns out to be Semirhage in disguise. Min tries to protect Rand and manages to hit Semirhage in the shoulder with a knife. When Rand loses a hand during the encounter and hardly bats an eye at the loss, he can feel Min’s sadness through the bond. When Semirhage reveals details about Rand’s madness, including that he can hear Lews Therin’s voice in his head, Rand can sense that Min feels numb. Rand doesn’t think he could stand it if Min rejected him after learning about Lews Therin’s voice, but the numbness is soon filled with love and determination (KoD, Ch. 27).

The Gathering Storm

This section contains spoilers relating to The Gathering Storm. Please expand to view.

Min is now in Arad Doman with Rand following the encounter with Semirhage (TGS, Ch. 1). When Aviendha arrives in Arad Doman to complete her training as a Wise One, Min is not able to spend time with her because Aviendha is kept too busy (TGS, Ch. 15).

Min has been going through Herid Fel’s books, trying to determine what information he was killed to hide. Rand and Min discuss Lews Therin and whether he is truly a separate person in Rand’s head. Rand tells her that he needs Lews Therin, because the other man can help him either destroy the Dark One or seal the Dark One away properly. Min tells Rand she thinks he should break the seals—that this is what Herid Fel meant when he talked about ‘clearing away the rubble’ before Rand can fix the Dark One’s prison—and Rand agrees (TGS, Ch. 15).

Rand is concerned that Min has been spending time with Cadsuane, and considers for a brief moment that Min might be working with Cadsuane. They are discussing the matter when Semirhage, who has managed to escape and has disguised herself as a serving woman, suddenly puts the Domination Band on Rand. Min tries to help but is useless. Semirhage then seizes saidin through Rand and forces Rand to choke Min until he almost kills her, but then Rand uses the True Power to balefire Semirhage. Rand thinks that now, there is nothing more that can be done to him—nothing can surpass making him try to kill Min. When he exiles Cadsuane for not guarding the domination band well enough, Min protests (TGS, Ch. 22).

In the aftermath of Semirhage’s attack and death, Min goes to see Aviendha. They speak about Rand and both admit that they don’t like the idea of sharing him. When Min asks Aviendha what they should do about it, Aviendha says bluntly that they should continue as they have been—Min has what she wants (Rand) and Aviendha is preoccupied with becoming a Wise One for the time being. Aviendha says that she will inform Min when that changes (TGS, Ch. 26).

Min accompanies Rand to Bandar Eban (TGS, Ch. 29). Rand and Min appear to be more distant from each other since the ordeal with Semirhage. Rand worries that Min is angry at him (TGS, Ch. 29), and that every time she looks at him she sees him killing her (TGS, Ch. 35). In truth, Min feels useless and like a “hindrance,” and she fears that Rand now only sees her as such (TGS, Ch. 37).

Min feels like she is just a liability for Rand so she stays behind when he goes to meet the real Tuon (TGS, Ch. 37). However, she does accompany Rand to Natrin's Barrow, where he Balefires Graendal's hideout and all of the people in it. Min is truly scared of Rand in a way she has never been before; following their encounter with Semirhage, his eyes have been “intent yet so dispassionate.” Because they know that they need help with Rand, Min along with Nynaeve tells Cadsuane about what happened at Natrin's Barrow. Min is still determined to protect Rand in every way she can (TGS, Ch. 37).

Min goes with Rand when he leaves Arad Domon for Tear (City) (TGS, Ch. 42). She spends a lot of time with Cadsuane (TGS, Ch. 44; Cadsuane wants to know every viewing she has had of Rand. Min puts up with it because she has lately been uncomfortable in Rand’s presence, because she is curious about what Cadusane and the Wise Ones are planning, and because Cadsuane is proving helpful to Min’s research (TGS, Ch. 48).

Min, Cadsuane, Corele, and Merise discuss Min’s viewings; Corele thinks that it is apparent that Rand will win the Last Battle because Min has seen things that can only happen once the Last Battle is done. Min tells her that it doesn’t matter because if the Dark One wins, the Pattern itself will be gone, and Cadsuane agrees with Min (TGS, Ch. 44).

Min is reading Sajius’s Commentary on the Dragon, and she realizes that the interpretation of one of the prophecies is wrong. The prophecy that “He shall hold a blade of light in his hands, and the three shall be one” has been interpreted as referring to three kingdoms Rand will rule, but Min doesn’t believe this makes sense because Rand is technically only the king of one nation. Min tells Cadsuane she thinks the part of the prophecies about 3 becoming one is about Callandor and Cadsuane agrees. She also determines that there's more they haven't discovered and Cadsuane agrees with that as well. While they are discussing the matter, Tam arrives, having just been reunited with Rand for the first time since Rand left the Two Rivers. Tam is incensed and wants to know what has been done to Rand, as his son is completely changed and even threatened to kill his own father. Min suddenly feels that Rand has Travelled somewhere, and they determine that he has gone to Ebou Dar to kill the Seanchan (TGS, Ch. 48).

Towers of Midnight

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Rand has been missing for three days, but Min refuses to lead anyone to him because she knows that Rand needs to be alone right now. The Maidens attend Min closely, watching her for signs that Rand has returned. She can sense through their bond that he has changed—that something “wonderful was happening” (ToM, Ch. 12).

While discussing Rand, Min and Nynaeve are summoned to Cadsuane because Alanna has disappeared. They discuss it for a bit until Min feels Rand return to the city (ToM, Ch. 12}). Min races to meet him outside the Stone of Tear, and they embrace. Rand has indeed changed “for the better.” As Rand starts making preparations for all of the things that he needs to do, he tells Min that he needs her help figuring out how to use Callandor to seal the Bore because his method did not work last time. When Rand sees Tam, he apologies to his father and then introduces Min to Tam. Even though she had already met him, Rand wants to introduce her himself as she is important to him (ToM, Ch. 13).

Min accompanies Rand to Bandar Eban where he restores order and hope. She tells him that she knows he can be the leader he needs to be (ToM, Ch. 25).

Min is reading in the Stone of Tear, making progress on her research into Callandor, when Rand returns from Maradon. She greets him and he explains what happened in Maradon. She then accompanies him to see Cadsuane, who has returned with the King of Arad Doman. On the way, she tells him that she thinks that not only does Callandor need to be used in a circle with two women, but that using it will make him susceptible to attack (ToM, Ch. 32).

In the Stone of Tear, Min holds Callandor and discusses with Rand the flaw she suspects it has. She has a new viewing about Callandor being clutched in an onyx hand. She then goes with Rand to meet the Borderlanders in Far Madding. Before they leave, Rand tells Cadsuane he is over 400 years old so Rand and Min discuss whether he is really that old and if he is still himself. When the Borderlander rulers strike Rand, as was prophesied to one of Paitar Nachiman’s ancestors long ago, Min is angry and goes to his side. Later, while the Borderlanders explain their mission to test Rand, Min is there with him. He announces that the next day, he will meet with all the rulers of the world before leaving for Shayol Ghul. (ToM, Ch. 51)

A Memory of Light

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The night before the meeting at Merrilor, Min, Aviendha, and Elayne all meet to talk. They agree that when Min gets to know Elayne and Aviendha better, she will join them as first-sisters and they will all share Rand. They will not let Rand come between them; he must pick all three of them or none (AMoL, Ch. 3).

Min attends the meeting at Merrilor with Rand (AMoL, Ch. 5). She is astounded when Moiraine arrives, alive (AMoL, Ch. 6).

Min had hoped to accompany Rand to the Pit of Doom (AMoL, Ch. 20), but deep down she acknowledges that she would have been a liability (AMoL, Ch. 27). Instead, Rand asks her to keep an eye on Egwene and the Seanchan while he is at Shayol Ghul (AMoL, Ch. 20).

When Min arrives at the White Tower’s camp in Kandor, she delivers a message to Bryne from Rand, letting him know that the Seanchan are on their side. Bryne assigns Min to work as a clerk (AMoL, Ch. 25). She does what she can to help out in the camp (AMoL, Ch. 27).

The supply tent in which Min has been working is destroyed during battle. When Bryne runs out of messengers but needs to send for backup from the Seanchan, Min offers to bear his message for him. Bryne tells her he’ll count it towards the time she still owes him as a servant. Min arrives at the Seanchan camp via gateway and is taken to the command post, where Mat and Galgan are. Mat is surprised and delighted to see her. When Tuon enters the command post, Mat tries to hurry Min out, afraid that Tuon won’t let Min go. However, Min sees a viewing that someone will try to kill Tuon soon. She tells Mat, but too loudly, and is immediately seized by Deathwatch Guards. Mat tells Tuon about Min’s ability, and Tuon is awed and calls Min a “Doomseer” before also naming Min her new Soe'feia (AMoL, Ch. 27). Min is not very pleased about her new position, but Mat points out that she can do a lot to help Rand by maintaining peace between the Seanchan and the Aes Sedai (AMoL, Ch. 28).

Min accompanies Mat and Tuon when they go to get a look at how the battle is going. On their way, Tuon keeps asking Min to tell her what viewings she sees. When Mat realizes that Bryne is trying to lose the war and decides that he must be a Darkfriend, Min takes the news to Egwene (AMoL, Ch. 29).

When Min returns to the Seanchan camp, knowing she can do more good there than in the White Tower camp, Tuon continues to ask her for viewings. Tuon also decides to test Min’s viewings; when Min says she knows that [[[Gokhan]] will marry soon, Tuon forbids him to marry until the Last Battle is over and then sends him to the front lines. However, when Tuon decides to execute a soldier because Min sees a white boar, which is the sign of one of Tuon’s enemies, Min protests vehemently. She tells Tuon that she will stop giving viewings, even in the face of torture, if Tuon is going to use them in this way. Tuon agrees not to use Min’s viewings to preemptively punish people (AMoL, Ch. 32).

When the Seanchan command post is attacked by Gray Men and Sharans, Min tries to protect Tuon. Min kills one of the Grey Men and saves Tuon, but is heartbroken that Siuan dies in the attack. As a reward for saving her life, Tuon names Min one of the Blood. When Mat and Tuon stage their fight to trick the spy that is among them, Mat asks Min to go with Tuon to keep an eye on her. Min agrees, and gives Mat a hug in parting (AMoL, Ch. 37).

While Tuon, Galgan, and Yulan debate whether or not to return to Merrilor, Min tries to convince Tuon that she must. She realizes that Yulan, who has been arguing against returning, is under compulsion. She proceeds to trick Moghedien, who is disguised as a so’jhin and is compelling Yulan, into revealing that she can channel. This allows Min to convince Tuon that the Shadow doesn’t want the Seanchan to return to battle (AMoL, Ch. 37).

When the Seanchan army heeds Mat’s call and returns to the battlefield, Min rides a torm through the gateway to Merrilor (AMoL, Ch. 37). After the fighting is done, she helps to tend the wounded. Through the bond, she can feel Rand’s determination as he seals the Dark One away and a beam of light rises from Shayol Ghul (AMoL, Ch. 48).

Min, Elayne, and Aviendha gather at the camp at Shayol Ghul. They do not appear bothered by the fact that Rand is supposedly dying, which a number of people find odd; in fact, Rand and Moridin have switched bodies, and so they can feel that Rand is actually getting stronger. At the funeral held for Rand, the three women approach Rand’s pyre to watch as Rand’s body burns. Min knows it is the fulfillment of one of her viewings. The three agree that they must keep everyone from knowing Rand is still alive (AMoL, Epilogue).

Strengths and Talents

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Min has a unique, special ability to see viewings and auras around people. No matter what, her viewings always come true. It began when she was twelve years old, but no one believed her except for her aunts (ACoS, Ch. 2). She almost always sees viewings and auras around Aes Sedai, Gaidin, Asha'man, and Rand and his friends.

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She can tell simple things, like if someone is going to marry, and more complicated things, such as facts pertaining to the Last Battle. She cannot always make out what they mean, but many of the characters, such as Moiraine, Siuan, and Rand, make use of this power. The only people that Min never sees auras around are Ogier. Min prefers not to read the viewings of her friends, because she says that "Friendship gets in the way of the reading. It makes me try to put the best face on what I see" (TGH, Ch. 38).

Min is incredibly smart and very good at research. She reads a great deal of philosophy and theoretical texts, working tirelessly to learn things that will help Rand defeat the Dark One (LoC, Ch. 50; ACoS, Ch. 35; TPoD, Ch. 27; CoT, Ch. 24; KoD, Ch. 18). Some of the books she has read include Herid Fel’s Reason and Unreason (TPoD, Ch. 27), The Wake of the Breaking (TGS, Ch. 7), Falling Shale, Marks and Remarks, Monuments Past, Pelateos’s Ponderings, Thoughts Among the Ruins (TGS, Ch. 15), A Comprehensive Discussion of Pre-Breaking Relics (TGS, Ch. 22), and Sajius’s Commentary on the Dragon (TGS, Ch. 48). It is Min who figures out how Rand can use Callandor’s flaw to defeat the Dark One (AMoL, Ch. 47).

She is skilled with knives.

Relationships with Other Characters

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Even though Min viewed the fact that she would fall in love with Rand, the two of them started off simply as friends. Rand regarded her as someone he could trust and felt comfortable around, and to Min, Rand was a 'sheepherder.' Min fell in love with Rand early on in the series, though he didn't realize he loved her as well until later on. Min is one of the few people that Rand feels he can trust (ACoS, Ch. 3). Despite the fact that so many people fear Rand, Min always feels safe around him ({{aces}7}}).

Min's relationship with Elayne and Aviendha can be quite complicated at times. Min and Elayne are close friends; at one point, Elayne tells Aviendha that Min is her near-sister (LoC, Ch. 40, and Min thinks that she loves Elayne almost as much as she loves Rand, just in a different way. Nevertheless, Min sometimes finds it difficult not to be jealous of how beautiful and powerful Elayne is (TPoD, Ch. 29). Min isn't as sure about Aviendha, probably because they only met in 'Winter's Heart.' Aviendha tells Elayne that she will not share Rand with someone that she does not regard as a near or first-sister. When Aviendha first learns that Min is the third woman who is in love with Rand, she wants to kill her, but Elayne talks her out of it (LoC, Ch. 40). They first meet on the day they all bond Rand as a Warder, and spend the night drinking and trying to get to know each other (WH, Ch. 12). Throughout, Min tries to be as fair as possible to Elayne and Aviendha, informing Rand that the other women love him too (ACoS, Ch. 33) and trying to convince Rand to see Elayne and Aviendha (WH, Ch. 11). In the end, the three women decide that Rand must choose all of them or none of them (AMoL, Ch. 3).

Min and Egwene are also close friends, though they have not seen each other in quite some time. When Egwene writes home to her parents, she speaks of her new friends, Elayne and Min.

Moiraine was the first Aes Sedai to learn about Min's viewings. Moiraine trusted Min, and her viewings, and made use of them when she could.

While Min is not exactly close friends with Siuan and Leane, they did come to know each other fairly well on their journey to Salidar. It was Min who talked Laras into helping her free Siuan and Leane, and Min was also the one to get them through the gates, with Gawyn's help. For a long time, the three of them could only trust each other.

Elaida and Min are definitely not on good terms. Min does not trust Elaida, and when Elaida becomes the Amyrlin Seat, she wants Min to be captured, most likely because Min is tied to Moiraine.

The Aiel seem to hold Min in high regard. The Wise Ones almost treat her as one of them, due to her viewings, and have no trouble accepting the fact that she can see things about people.

Gawyn and Min are not particularly close, but Min trusts Gawyn, and he trusts her to some extent, too, or he would not have helped Min, Siuan and Leane to escape. During the time that Min spends in the White Tower as Elmindreda, they come to know each other fairly well.

Perrin is another of Min's friends. In 'The Dragon Reborn,' they spend some time speaking to each other. It is Min who warns Perrin of the falcon and the hawk. They both seem to trust each other.

Laras seems to idolize Min, though she only knows her as Elmindreda. During the time that 'Elmindreda' spends in the White Tower, Laras takes her under her wing, and seems to enjoy dressing her up. To Laras, Min reminds her of herself when she was younger.

The Wise Ones view Min as almost one of them because of her viewings (LoC, Ch. 50; TPoD, Ch. 27). Because so many people don't believe or accept her, it means a lot to Min that the Wise Ones do (ACoS, Ch. 2).

Min does not like Alivia because of her viewing that Alivia is supposed to help Rand die (KoD, Ch. 21).


  • Egwene has a dream of Min "springing a steel trap but somehow walking through it without so much as seeing it" (TDR, Ch. 37).
  • Min considers herself to be “a city woman” rather than a country woman, even if Baerlon is not considered a large city (TFoH, Ch. 26). She has always dreamed of travelling and live in a great city (LoC, Ch. 41).
  • Min has started studying the Old Tongue (AMoL, Ch. 27).


"I am no novice. Yes, Aes Sedai. No, Aes Sedai. May I sweep another floor, Aes Sedai?" (Min to Egwene.) The Great Hunt, Chapter 25)

"I like older men. I like men with education, and wit. I have no interest in farms, or sheep, or shepherds. But then, you aren't a shepherd, are you? Not anymore. Light, why did the Pattern have to catch me up with you? Why couldn't I have something safe and simple, like being shipwrecked with no food and a dozen hungry Aielmen?" (Min to an unconscious Rand.) (The Great Hunt, Chapter 48)

"I'm bound to him as surely as a stave is bound to the barrel. But I can't see if he'll ever love me in return. And I am not the only one." (Min to Perrin about Rand.) (The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 6)

This section contains spoilers relating to The Shadow Rising. Please expand to view.

"Gawyn, you know me. You can't think I would help the Black Ajah. Gawyn, Elayne supports her and everything she's done. Your own sister, Gawyn. Egwene believe in her too, Gawyn. I swear it, Gawyn. Egwene believes." (Min to Gawyn about Siuan.) (The Shadow Rising, Chapter 47)

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"Rand, don't look at me like that. I am on your side, if it comes to sides. It might; a little. They think I'll tell them what you say. I won't, Rand. They just want to know how to deal with you, what to expect, but I'll not tell one word you don't want me to, and if you ask me to lie, I will. They do not know about my viewings. Those are yours, Rand. You know I will read anyone you say, including Merana and the rest." (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 41)

This section contains spoilers relating to Winter's Heart. Please expand to view.

"Could we go find that oosquai, now? I want to get drunk as a drowned mouse, and fast!" (Min to Aviendha and Birgitte) (Winter's Heart, Chapter 12)